Butcher Block Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

by gerry
(Sandy Hook CT.)


Is wood a good selection for an outdoor countertop? I was thinking about using a butcher block, and shading it with an umbrella.


Certainly wood can be used outdoors, but a wood or butcher block is not the best choice for outdoor kitchen countertops.

The important question isn't really 'can wood be used as an outdoor kitchen countertop'. Of course, it can be... you can use anything you like.

The real questions are:

"How long will it last?"

"How difficult is it to maintain?"

"Can it be made food safe and still protected from the elements?"

Honestly, I can't say that I have good answers for these since we would never install a butcher block outdoor kitchen countertop.

But I'd suggest that you would need to frequently apply a food grade oil to the surface to both protect the wood from moisture and rot and allow for safe food prep.

Covering with an umbrella will be insufficient. If the countertop could be completely shielded from the elements under a roof, then you'd certainly have an easier time maintaining and using a wood outdoor countertop.

But then you could just save the expense of a roof over the outdoor kitchen and buy a granite countertop instead, which will require near zero maintenance save general cleaning.

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Granite countertops
by: Viresh

Granite is more stain resistant and wear resistant than marble. While it is not perfect, granite holds up far better in high traffic uses such as counter tops and flooring.

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