Best Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

By Dorothy

What are the best outdoor kitchen countertops? There are so many choices. I want something low maintenance and durable. Recommendations?

ANSWER: Yes, of course! For ease of use/maintenance and unmatched durability, granite is the number one choice.

You really don't even need to seal it. Most granites really aren't that susceptible to staining unless you leave oil on it over-night or something negligent.

Even if you do stain granite (unlikely), the sun and rain will get rid of it over time.

So with normal clean-up, granite countertops will look great for years.

Concrete countertops are also very durable for outdoor kitchens. They may scratch and knick a bit easier than granite, but in general will hold up well. The problem with concrete is the coloring which has a tendency to fade and turn yellow in the sun. If you stick to lighter earth tones though, this isn't as noticeable.

Soapstone countertops will perform well for an outdoor kitchen too. Soapstone is highly resistant to heat and staining. It can be scratched rather easily; however, scratches are easily repaired too.

One knock on soapstone is that when left unsealed or not oiled (neither of which are necessary for protection or maintenance) fingerprints, liquids and oils will darken the stone. They will eventually wash off, but the spots and splotches can be annoying.

You can apply oil to give soapstone that dark shine, but you have to apply it regularly to maintain that look. Soapstone is durable though and low maintenance except from a cosmetic standpoint.

Slate can be considered, but no two slates are alike and the performance characteristics can vary widely. Some can be very durable and dense resisting staining and hard use, while others will stain, scratch, crack and cleave. So unless you can get some guarantees about the quality of the slate you intend to install, other choices are better.

Marble can work well too, if you get it honed and don't worry about etching and staining too much. Marble is extremely durable and will age beautifully outdoors... especially for those that like the rustic look. Here again, normal clean-up is essentially all that is required for years of use.

Tile countertops, especially granite or ceramic are very durable and cheaper, but you have grout that can get dirty and stain or break up, so it's not great from a maintenance standpoint. It will hold up reasonably well if not neglected.

Corian is not good outside. The color will fade and it's prone to stains, burns and scratches.

Quartz is no good either for an outdoor kitchen. The topcoat resin/color will turn yellow in the sun and elements.

There you have it. For the best outdoor kitchen countertops.... I say go with granite!

Good Luck, Ryan

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