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We are considering a Carrara marble counter on a kitchen island which has a stove in the center. Is it a problem with cooking oil absorbing into the marble? We are concerned because we do a lot of cooking (oil splatters) but we love the look of Carrara marble.


You are not alone loving Carrara mable, but it is not a good choice for the kitchen unless you are willing to let it age naturally... spots and all.

Staining is not the biggest problem. Polished marble is very stain resistant, so that's not much an issue.

Honed marble is somewhat more susceptible to stains, but that can be controlled with the proper application of a good sealer like recommended marble & granite sealers.

The major hassle with marble in the kitchen is etching. Etching occurs upon contact with acidic substances like coffee, juice, wine, salad dressing, etc.

The acids react with and corrode the marble leaving dull and light spots.

Sealing does not prevent this. The only protection is to avoid contact with acids and this is impossible in a kitchen.

Etching doesn't show as much on honed marble, but most people want to polish Carrara marble to bring out the color. Polished marble will readily show etch marks.

So, to answer your specific question...

No, oil splatter won't be a problem, but etching most definitely will be. Etching will be a constant never ending maintenance issue to keep your marble looking it's best.

You can repair etch marks with ETCH REMOVER / Marble Polishing product, but it can be frustrating.

In Europe it's common to use marble as a kitchen countertop, but they usually hone it and don't make a fuss about a stain or etch mark. They let it age naturally. Over the years it takes on an organic patina. Traditionally, it's just a work-top and not a decorative piece like in the US.

I'd go with a granite. Put the Carrara in your bathroom. If you insist on marble in the kitchen, then get it honed and seal it well and properly.

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