Cleaning Marble Hair Dye Stain

by Lisandra


Can I get a hair dye stain out of a marble countertop? If so, how?


Wellllll.... maybe. But quite possibly yes, especially if the marble stain is fresh.

Most stains in marble and natural stone can be removed if not too old or deep. But some stains like rust and dye stains can be tough.

Lucky for you, there is a very inexpensive method to remove stains from marble and other stones that you can easily perform yourself.... a poultice.

Not just any old poultice recipe will work though. Some found online don't work. Different marble stains require different chemical ingredients in the poultice.

To remove a hair dye stain you need to use hydrogen peroxide in your poultice.

How To Remove a Hair Dye Stain in Marble with a Poultice

  1. Buy hydrogen peroxide. The 12% version is best. Most found in the store is only 3%. Try beauty supply stores or order online.

  2. Mix the hydrogen peroxide and talc powder into a paste like peanut butter or toothpaste. It shouldn't be runny.

  3. Apply the poultice to the hair dye stain about 1/2 thick and a 1/2 border beyond the stain edge.

  4. Cover the poultice with plastic wrap, seal edges with masking tape, and let sit for 24 hours. This is when the peroxide is attacking the dye.

  5. After 24 hours, remove the plastic, but DON'T touch the poultice. It's tempting to look, but
    don't do it! Let it dry out until hard. Probably another 24 hours.

  6. Once the poultice blob is completely dry... remove it with a plastic/wood spatula.

  7. Repeat steps 2-6 until the hair dye stain has been completely removed.

NOTE: on marble, travertine, and limestone this process may leave a dull spot from the hydrogen peroxide etching the polished finish.

This cannot be helped if you want the stain out. No other process will remove it.

If this happens, use ETCH REMOVER / Marble Polishing product to re-polish the dull spot where the stain was.

How a Poultice Works

A poultice is a mixture of an absorbing agent (talc/baby powder, paper towels, baking soda or diatomaceous earth) and a liquid chemical.

The chemical will react with the stain and the powder will re-absorb and draw the stain out as it dries.

The particular poultice recipe is important.

You'll find many different poultice recipes online. Some are correct, but many are worthless and not every recipe will work with every type of stain.

For instance: baking soda and water. This is not effective on most marble stains.

The type of substance that has stained the marble will determine which chemical to be mixed with the powder. The powder can be the same for any stain as its purpose is to simply absorb.

You'll find complete step-by-step instructions for removing all different types of marble stains in the Removing Granite & Marble Stains e-book.

Comments for Cleaning Marble Hair Dye Stain

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Opal engagement ring stain!
by: Jane

Do you think this might work on an opal ring??

==== Countertop Specialty comment:

It very well could remove a stain from the opal since opal is a natural stone like marble. It is porous and a poultice works by drawing the staining substance out of the pores of the stone.

Make the poultice and just put the ring inside the poultice.

I'm not sure how it will act upon the metal of the ring itself though. I don't think it will harm or do anything to it, but that I can't say for certain.

by: Kevin

Thank you! You saved my life! My mom wanted me to wait so she could help me dye my hair. But today was the first day of school and I couldn't wait. When I got home, the marble bathroom sink thats off-white had multiple black hair dye stains. I followed your instructions and it worked!

What worked for me
by: Anonymous

I couldn't get hold of any 12% hydrogen peroxide so I used Jolen hair bleach from the drugstore. I don't know what % HP that has. It worked though. I didn't make a poultice, just mixed it up as per the instructions and put a layer exactly where the stain was (brown hair dye). It faded it well over several applications, I would leave it on for an hour or so each time.
Thanks for your help, your info helped me get through a tough day!

This Worked
by: Ryan


Glad you got some positive results. If you didn't know, hydrogen peroxide can be more dangerous the higher the concentration. You probably have a "stabilized" kind so it's ok except you should wear eye and skin protection, rubber gloves etc.

Good luck!

This worked!
by: Jackie

I tried at least 7 different methods including hair dye remover from the cosmetic store. The only difference is I could not find the hydrogen peroxide amount you recommended so I used 40%. I followed your directions exactly and most of it came it. Will try it again for the final touch. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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