Granite & Marble Maintenance:
"How To" eBook Guides

Marble maintenance is a tricky topic. Endless incorrect advice and many myths about cleaning marble (and granite, travertine, etc.) circulate around the internet and the industry too! It's no wonder people are confused.

Purchase our comprehensive ebook guides and become a marble maintenance wizard! The Stain Removal and Sealing ebooks apply to all natural stone types. The Cleaning Marble Secrets and Remove Etch Marks ebooks apply to marble, travertine, limestone, and onyx. Click the links to view more info for each ebook. 

Really, cleaning marble is not difficult... but it is not as forgiving as granite, so a solid understanding of marble care is a must to avoid damage and repair it properly when necessary.

That's true for travertine and limestone too. These stones behave just like marble thus, all information regarding "marble cleaning", care and repair provided in the ebooks is the same for travertine, limestone and onyx.

*** All guides are ebooks available for immediate download & use on your computer!

Cleaning Marble Secrets: The Ultimate DIY Guide To Complete Marble Maintenance (eBook)


This is the "all-inclusive," A to Z comprehensive guide to marble care & cleaning. It includes all the other guides listed below plus a bunch of additional and bonus information.

You'll get a complete explanation on why marble is different with detailed advice and instructions on sealing, stains, etching, scratches, burns, do's & don'ts, products, how to buy marble & granite, how to hire a stone contractor and more along with helpful printouts. (184 pages)

Recommended for all marble owners, house-cleaners, the frustrated and desperate... the most bang for your buck!

The only reference you'll ever need. 

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The above "Cleaning Marble Secrets" e-book will teach you everything about marble care and repair including the best solutions to all potential problems you may encounter, however...

If you'd like to solve just the one problem or concern you have right now, then the following guides are perfect for you.

Each one focuses on one specific granite & marble maintenance issue.

How To Remove Etch Marks (eBook)


Glass-rings, water spots, and dull chalky spots are marks of corrosion on marble, travertine, limestone and onyx.

It's called "etching" and can cause a lot of panic and frustration.

Relax, I got you... this guide explains everything you need to know:

  • What causes etching
  • Etching vs. staining
  • Simple DIY etch repair methods for polished and honed surfaces
  • How to prevent future etching
  • Do's & Don'ts and more cleaning tips and recommendations 

You'll soon be an etch removal pro! (58 page ebook)

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Marble & Granite Stain Removal (eBook)


Luckily, nearly any stain in stone can be removed, but not with common methods. No amount of rubbing or scrubbing will get it out.

This guide explains how to identify stains with photo examples and provides detailed step-by-step instructions for the proven, low-cost, DIY techniques to remove all stain types: 

  • Oil, wine, coffee, cola
  • Ink, dyes, paint, glue
  • Rust, mildew, hard water
  •  And many more (52 pg ebook)

NOTE: Glass-rings, chalky, or dull spots are not stains. For these see: "How To Remove Etch Marks" or "Cleaning Marble Secrets" ebooks.

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Sealing Granite Countertops, Marble & Travertine (eBook)


Confused about sealing granite, marble & travertine? It's common. No one answer exists for all stone.

When, where and how to properly seal your granite, marble & travertine depends on several variables.

Don't worry... This guide covers it all!

You'll learn:

  • How to test your stone
  • How to apply a sealer step-by-step
  • How sealers work
  • The different types of sealers
  • How to remove an improperly applied sealer
  • When to re-apply a sealer
  • And much more (74 page ebook)

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Avoiding Marble Maintenance Myths & Misinformation

Even though marble can be a bit of a problem child, I wouldn't let it scare you away. Granite is less sensitive and easier to care for. But once you have the proper knowledge, it's simple to keep your marble, travertine and limestone in beautiful condition.

It doesn't require complicated procedures or excessive time and effort to maintain.... just the knowledge of how to do it the right way.

So, proper knowledge is the key, but that can be hard to come by unfortunately. There is just a ton of confusion swirling around the topic of cleaning marble.

Numerous myths abound, get spread around and repeated often by the very people who ought to know better: marble salespeople, installers and consumer research magazines.

You can certainly find good information online if you are willing to look long and hard enough, but you are just as likely to get completely wrong advice that only compounds the problem and your frustration. How do you know which is which?

So, sticking with the primary goal of this website to provide the most comprehensive, unbiased and correct information online, I've developed the above "how to" marble maintenance manuals to remove all the guesswork for you. 

These ebooks will teach you the where, when, why and how to clean marble with thorough explanations, answers and complete step-by-step instructions for proven, low-cost solutions to any problem, question, or issue you may have.

Each ebook is packed with the knowledge you need and available for instant download so you can start solving your problem today.

Good Luck and please contact us and tell us how you like them, what you fixed or if you have further questions.


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