Vomit Stain on Marble Floor

by Shelley
(Key West, Florida)


My dog vomited on our marble floor leaving behind a stain(acid?)

How can I clean it up?

The stain looks like a dull spot. The color of the marble is a beige. Other than that I know nothing. Your help would be appreciated,
Thank you, Shelley


Shelley, what you have is called an "etch mark" from the acidic vomit. The acid chemically dissolves the marble surface removing the shiny layer.

But don't worry... the etch mark can be eliminated and the finish restored.

Etch marks are not marble stains although a stain and etch mark can occur together on the same spot.

I imagine you cleaned it up pretty quick, so it probably just etched and did not stain the marble.

Now if the spot is darker than the surrounding marble then you do have a stain. But going with what you told me that it is basically a dull spot... that is just etching.

The remedy depends on if your marble is honed (which is a more dull or "matte" finish) or polished (shiny) and you'll find complete instructions for both along with everything you need to know about etching in our Removing Etch Marks ebook.

If you really want to know everything A to Z about how to properly care for your marble flooring including how to repair etching and anything else that may occur (like stains with etching) then get the Cleaning Marble Secrets Guide instead.

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