Coke Stain on Marble Table


My son spilled Coke on an antique marble table and didn't tell me about it. I saw it a couple of weeks later.

I tried to clean it with water and soap, but it is still stained.

What is the best thing to clean the Coke stain with? Thanks.


Unfortunately, you likely have a somewhat complex situation with two problems.... stain and etching.

Let me explain....

Coke is acidic and will corrode or "etch" marble upon contact. Etching will leave a dull and sometimes light spot on marble.

Marble etching is not the same as "staining."

But since the Coke was not wiped up quickly, it also absorbed into the marble causing a true stain.

You'll have to remove the stain first, then repair the etching.

The procedure for repairing etch marks varies depending on whether the marble is polished or honed.

You'll find complete step-by-step instruction on how to remove stains and etching in the Cleaning Marble Secrets Guide... along with everything else you should know about maintaining marble properly.

You'll also need to buy a couple products, but you can easily remove the marble stain, repair the etching and restore the shine yourself saving a bunch of money on professional help, which is the only other option.

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