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I have a coffee table that is a 4ft by 2ft slab of Italian Marble. I did not use a coaster for my latte coffee and it left a ring where the glass had been.

The ring is a shade darker than the table and looks almost rusty.

Is there a way to clean/remove the coffee stain? Please help, I am in so much trouble!...Rachael


Uh Oh! Looks like the coffee stained the marble, but it may also have "etched" it.

Two different types of marble stains can occur.

1. True stain - substance has absorbed into the marble. This type of marble stain is always darker in color.

2. Etch Mark - substance has corroded the surface leaving a dull spot or ring. This is not really a "stain" in the traditional sense. It is a spot of damage, but nothing has absorbed.

Etch marks are always lighter in color... often clear... so, some people call them "water stains" but these spots are not caused by water. Rather it is acidic foods, drinks, and harsh cleaners that cause this.

Coffee is acidic. Acids will etch (corrode... eat away) marble.

You describe the coffee stain as "darker almost rusty". This is a "true stain". But the coffee may have etched the marble as well. This can happen in the same spot as the acidic coffee etches the marble and then absorbs into the stone to leave a dark coffee stain.

You may not be able to see the etching (if present) too well through the stain.

Does the marble table have a shiny polished surface? If yes, is the ring also more dull than the surrounding surface?

If so, then you have destroyed the polish AND stained the marble.

Polished marble is not very absorbent and doesn't easily stain. What likely happened is the coffee etched the marble exposing a
more porous surface that then absorbed the coffee creating a stain.

If the marble has a honed (matte) finish, then you may not notice a difference or any dullness and you may escape with only one problem to solve!

But etching happens on a honed surface just like on a polished surface. Just sometimes it's not as visible on a honed marble surface.

Removing The Coffee Stain

Removing marble coffee stains is not too difficult and most stains can be removed, however, traditional cleaning methods won't work since the coffee is below the surface inside the stone now.

The necessary procedure is fairly simple, but depends on what substance stained the marble.

You'll find complete step-by-step instructions for cleaning marble coffee stains and all other types in the Removing Granite & Marble Stains e-book.

Repairing the Etch Mark

If the coffee also etched (dulled) the marble polish then you have another project after you have removed the coffee stain.

If the marble has a shiny polished finish (except for the etch mark) then you can use the Marble Polish / Etch Remover to quickly restore the shine and color.

If the etch mark is mild, the marble polishing paste should do the trick.

If it is severe (rough to the touch), you may have to hire a professional to re-polish the area.

The paste works great up to a point but the marble table maybe too raw and damaged. This is rare, but only a pro can fix it at this point.

And if it is a honed surface then you'll have to follow a different, but still simple procedure outlined in the Removing Etch Marks e-book.

Sounds like a pain, but really these jobs aren't difficult once you have all the necessary tools and ingredients. You should be able to remove the coffee stain and restore the marble finish to more or less new condition.

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Removing Apple Cider Vinegar Stain
by: Rose

What can you use to remove a stained circle left from an apple cider vinegar bottle on a marble window sill? I think some of the vinegar dripped down the bottle on the marble. Please help. Thank you.

=== Countertop Specialty comment:

Hi Rose, the vinegar has etched the marble. This is like a chemical burn. It isn't actually a stain. Nothing is on or in the marble. It's physical damage to the marble and all you need to do is re-polish the marble is use the Etch Remover / Marble Polishing product suggested in the article above.

Of course, that is assuming the marble has a shiny polished finish and you want to restore the shine.

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