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I have a marble vanity in my bathroom. Someone splashed water on it and left it without drying it off. Now it looks as if it has left a stain. It is a darker spot that looks wet but isn't. This vanity is less than a month old. Please help me find an inexpensive way to fix this. I asked this before, but mistakenly called it "cultured marble". Thanks you so much.


Plain water will not stain and despite what you read marble actually is not easy to stain.

Since marble countertops (especially when polished) do not stain easy most substances evaporate before they can stain, but if a liquid is able to stay on the surface long enough it could stain marble.

For instance, a leaky bottle of body oil, or mouth wash or even some hand soaps would allow a constant supply of liquid that could eventually stain.

So, some substance other than water caused the stain.

Regardless of how it happened, a marble stain (which is always darker than the marble color) cannot be removed with any type of spray on, wipe off cleaning product.

It requires a special procedure and the substance that stained the marble determines exactly what must be done. But no worries... it's cheap and easy to do.

You'll find complete step-by-step instructions in the Removing Granite & Marble Stains ebook.

Now if you are mistaken and what you have is an etch mark (dull and lighter-colored spot), then you can use ETCH REMOVER / Marble Polishing product to repair the damage.

I don't think that's it based on your "dark and wet looking" description, but just so you know.

Etch marks occur from acidic products (mouth wash, perfume, some toothpaste, some soap) and from using too harsh cleaning products (which is most common cleaners).

So, you should not store products directly on the surface. Rather use a decorative tray or store on a shelf, etc.

Also, if you didn't already know, you should only use products safe for cleaning marble.

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