Cleaning Marble BBQ Sauce Stain

by Cory
(Amber, PA)


I spilled a bit of BBQ sauce on my black marble table top.

I wiped it immediately, used hot water and Dawn(dish soap), but now I have a white spot that throws off the whole look of the shiny black marble.

When I wipe it off again, it disappears, but quickly returns. Any suggestions?


Cory, the BBQ sauce did not actually create a marble stain. Rather it has "etched" your black marble table top.

Etching is physical damage that occurs when marble or any other calcite based stone comes in contact with an acidic substance. It happens instantly.

The BBQ sauce has corroded or eaten into the marble essentially removing the polished surface layer of the stone.

The lighter white spot is the key. A marble "stain" is always darker and caused by something soaking into the marble. Etching is more like a burn.

The good news is that you wiped it up quickly, so the damage is likely very minimal and repairable without calling in a pro.

You'll need marble polishing compound to restore the shine and color. I recommend ETCH REMOVER / Marble Polishing Paste. (under "countertop care") There are other powders on the market that range from good to worthless for etching. This one is the best we've ever used.

In rare cases when the etching is severe (rough surface) then the product may not be sufficient. At this point your only option is to call a marble repair professional, but I think you'll successfully restore your marble on your own.

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