Antique Marble Vanity Stain


I have an antique wash stand with a gray marble top has stains from over the years, how to clean?


It depends what kind of "stains" you have and as you've probably discovered, you can't just spray on a cleaner and scrub.

If you have spots that are darker than the marble, then something has absorbed into the marble. This is a true "stain."

However, if you have spots that are lighter in color, maybe dull and/or rough.... like "glass-rings," then you have what's called "etching."

People are often mistaken about etch marks calling them "stains." But nothing is absorbed into the marble with etch marks. These are two completely different issues.

Obviously, you could have one or the other or both. The remedy is different for each and it also depends on whether the marble is honed or polished.

The solutions are simple enough that you can do them yourself and they are low-cost, but they do require a bit of a process.

You'll find a thorough explanation along with complete step-by-step instructions for removing/repairing each in our Marble Maintenance Manuals (click here for info).

Depending on the type of stains you have, you'll want either the Removing Stains or Removing Etch Marks manual. If you have both problems, then I'd suggest you get the Cleaning Marble Secrets manual.

It would cost more, but it contains all the information in the "stains" and "etch mark" manuals plus everything else you'll want to know to properly protect, clean and maintain your marble.

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Cleaning with Hydrochloric Acid
by: Ryan


Yes, I don't doubt that the hydrochloric acid removed the yellowing. HCl is a very strong and potentially dangerous acid. It didn't "clean" your marble in the traditional sense though. What it actually did was etch your marble.

Etching is corrosion by a chemical. Acidic and alkalinic chemicals will react and burn marble... essentially eating away at the marble.

You applied enough HCl for it to destroy and remove all the yellowed marble revealing fresh raw marble underneath.

Because it's so strong and potentially very dangerous to use, it's not a typical recommendation, but it will "re-finish" (so to speak your marble) to a rough honed surface.

You'll want to seal it if there is any chance of spilling something on it. If not, then no need to do it, but etching will leave the marble more porous and susceptible to staining.

Glad to hear you got the results you wanted safely.

removed stain from marble
by: joan

I used hyrocloric acid.It worked on a antique marble tabletop.I took it outside followed the directions on container and the marble is now white.It was yellowed with age and badly stained. This was a commercial producted used by my swimming pool restore my gunite pool surface. I had tried many things to no avail and decided to use this as a last resort.The marble is white now and I didn't do another thing to it.Please be careful this is very toxic to skin and probably an unconvention method.Maybe you can purchase it from a pool store or a janitoral source.Joan Comeaux ...Good Luck..

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