Counter Top Installation Timeline

Your custom counter top installation will follow a pretty predictable timeline with most fabricators / installers, but a few key decisions and actions on your part are necessary to keep the process moving forward as scheduled. To ensure it all goes real smooth...

Follow The Easy Steps Outlined Below. . .

1. Call to schedule an appointment to measure your kitchen countertop, bathroom, outdoor kitchen, wet bar, etc.

2. Estimate. You will likely receive a written estimate within a few days.

NOTE: The final quote or cost of your counter top installation will depend on the type of countertop material you choose.

Different colors and grades of granite and marble can vary considerably in price and the same is true between stone, Silestone, Corian, etc. Also, the design elements and material you select for your backsplash will affect the price.

granite slabs

3. Choose Material. Pick out your countertop material and color. Visit natural stone warehouses, show rooms and Home Depot or Lowes store.

4. Backsplash. Select backsplash tile or material and design. You have some time to change your mind here since the backsplash will be installed last, but it helps to have an idea for your kitchen backsplash that may only require minor changes.

5. Sink, Faucet, Kitchen Appliance. The dimensions of your kitchen faucet and sink, bathroom faucet and sink and every new kitchen appliance must be known prior to installing granite countertops. Sinks, faucets and appliances must fit the cabinets and slab size and seams and cutouts all depend on precise measurements so start shopping and choose early.

6. Choose countertop edges. Pick out the style or profile you like best your marble or granite countertop installation.

7. Schedule an installation date. Typically, your counter top installation will occur one to three weeks after you finalize your choices and pay your deposit--so plan ahead.

8. Deposit. A 50% deposit is usually required before work begins.

9. Schedule a time to make the templates for your countertop fabrication.

10. Templates are made at the installation location (remember to clear off your existing countertops).

11. Fabrication. Your countertop material is purchased and cut to size based on the template along with the edge design.

12. Tear Out. The day before (sometimes the day of) your installation your old counter tops are removed.

13. Installation day! Also, your sink and cooktop are mounted. The adhesive on an undermount sink will need 24 hours to fully cure.

14. Plumbing. Next day the plumber comes to hook up the sink, faucet, dishwasher and gas cooktop.

15. Backsplash is installed.

16. Sealing. A granite sealer is applied (if necessary) as the final step in your marble or granite countertop installation.


Yippee! Your counter top installation is a success! Time to ooooh and aaahhh and show them off!

Well, there are many steps involved, but the key links are picking out the material and color, the kitchen faucet and sink and/or bathroom faucet and sink, any appliance and the kitchen backsplash.

Be sure to give yourself plenty of time so you're not making these decisions two weeks before Thanksgiving dinner or your first summer bar-b-que and everything will go as planned!


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