Marble Floor Moisture & Efflorescence Stains


Marble Efflorescence Stain

Marble Efflorescence Stain


We've been experiencing some problems with our marble floor because of water seeping out from the underneath the floor. We eventually got someone to install a drain underneath the floor to get rid of all the water but are still experiencing some problems. Even though the floor is cleaned everyday, white residue forms (which we believe is calcification) in some areas.

Is there any way to get rid of the calcification problem? The marble is a pink/beige color but we do not recall the name of it. Thank you.


What you are describing sounds like water seeping up from the subfloor either from the ground below or a plumbing leak.

The subfloor should be sealed prior to laying tile to avoid this problem.

Until you fix the source of the water you will continue having this issue with water absorbing into the tile from underneath, evaporating from the surface and leaving behind powdery salts and possible stains. It's called efflorecence.

Installing a drain will help some, but won't solve the problem since the water is still coming in from somewhere beneath the tile.

Unfortunately, you may have to tear out and start over or if lucky just tear out enough to fix the source of water.

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by: Anonymous

Do you know what the source of the water is??? Until it is stopped, there isn't much you can do...once it is stopped, a dehumidfier can be used to extract the remaining moisture from the stone, grout, subfloor, etc, but it will take patient.

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