Granite Counter Tops Leaching Green Stains

by Lynda
(Charleston, SC)


I am having a problem with granite counters. We have had them for four months. Green is leaching through on edges, near seams and on top. The granite is Golden Splendor. Thanks!


The green granite stains you are seeing near the seams, etc. are almost certainly from the adhesive used to glue the countertops down and the seams together.

This issue seems to be associated with accelerants sometimes used with the glues.

Typically the stains show up more quickly, and can be difficult to get rid of. They can be permanent since the source cannot be removed and just saturates the granite.

Your only hope, besides tear out and start over is to try and get the stains out following the instructions in the Removing Granite & Marble Stains ebook.

You'll likely have to repeat the process over time, but it's often effective.

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granite counter tops leaching green stain
by: Anonymous

The green is only NEAR one seam. All others are on the beveled edge or on top randomly. And they are increasing in number.


Exactly. Glue is always used at the edge and at various other points on the cabinet tops, which may appear random. And they are increasing in number as more and more areas where glue was used finally leach through.

Contact your installer. After 4 months they will probably not claim responsibility, but no other reasonable explanation unless you've been doing or using something highly unusual on your granite.

Good Luck,

Granite Countertops leeching
by: Bill

Hi, For the leeching of the green color, if it is a fairly fresh install you should probably approach the installer to see if they can come fix it.

After all it is their name that will get tarnished if all your friends see it!



Green Stain at Install Gets Worse
by: Michael in Denver

Adhesive might be one answer, but I don't think it's right for a newly installed granite counter. My new counters had faint staining at some cut edges at the time of install. It's gotten worse over the last three months.

=== Countertop Specialty comment:

Well, certainly other things could cause a stain, however, this type of green stain in marble or granite countertops specifically occurs at the time of install and does result from use of certain types of glues and curing accelerators.

A tell-tale sign of an adhesive stain is that it gets progressively worse in the days/weeks right after install... when the glue is fresh and curing.

"Normal" stains from something simply absorbing into the countertop do not get worse. Normal stains can change color some, or spread slightly and go deeper into the stone, but this happens over many months to years (if the stain is simply neglected).

Normal granite / marble stains do not get worse rapidly like stains from adhesives used during install.

So, who knows exactly what stained your countertop, but since your top is newly installed, the stain is green and noticeably getting worse... it is almost certainly from adhesives used during the countertop installation.

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