Metal Backsplash Guide

A metal backsplash blends with most color schemes and design themes from cool and modern stainless steel to the rustic and nostalgic charm of a copper or tin backsplash, but let's find out if it's the right material for your kitchen backsplash.

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Backsplash Design

Metal backsplashes have a definite functional appeal being easy to clean up the grease and grime, spills and splashes of everyday cooking, but they also offer some interesting and appealing design options.

Metal Tile
can be used much the same as marble or ceramic. Patterns and configurations are only limited by your imagination. You could tile the entire backsplash in one style of metal tile, mix in other metals or stone and glass as well. Maybe you want a metal backsplash only over the cook top and sink with a mosaic or mural or full granite backsplash everywhere else.

Metal Sheets are commonly used in restaurants to create a sleek stainless steel backsplash (countertops and sinks too) that will take tons of abuse and is easy to clean. This ultra-modern look goes well with the stainless steel appliances that continue to be popular with homeowners.

More Options... Any competent metal fabricator can provide a range of surface textures such as hammered, quilted or ribbed for your stainless steel, brass or copper backsplash. (However, it'll likely be more difficult to find a fabricator specializing in metal backslpashes and countertops than granite so be persistent in your search.)

An easier way is to order panels and/or sheets with pre-made designs and textures from several suppliers on the internet. You'll find numerous choices for a tin backsplash ... less so for stainless steel. However, these panels are relatively easy to install and far cheaper than a custom metal or stainless steel backsplash.

Considering all the different colors of metal and design options available, you'll soon realize that a metal can complement any style from modern to Mediterranean, old-world, country and traditional.

Pros & Cons

Easy To Clean. A metal backsplash is possibly the simplest kitchen backsplash surface to clean. Hot water, soap and a sponge will most often do the trick. If needed use a softer scouring pad (not steel wool) for a tough mess.

You don't need to seal it, wax it or oil it, but wipe it dry to avoid water spots and don't let acidic foods (tomato, citrus, coffee) sit too long (hours/days not minutes) on the surface or it could stain some metals.

Heat and hot pans are not a problem for metal countertops and backsplashes.

Dents and Scratches unfortunately are easily created so don't expect your backsplash to remain pristine.

Polishing. A stainless steel backsplash will not require polishing, but a copper backsplash, zinc or brass backsplash will need to be polished to maintain the original shine.

These latter metals are prone to "oxidation" which produces a patina of uneven color, which is characteristically beautiful or ugly depending on your tastes.


A metal backsplash can be one of the most expensive backsplash materials on the market. Metal is very unforgiving and precise placement of outlet, switch and window cutouts is required.

Expect to pay between $20 per square foot just for the metal up to $160 including all cutouts, mounting on a substrate backing and installation.

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