Best and Safest Marble Cleaning Products

best and safest marble cleaning products - bottles of marble cleaners

Marble is beautiful but does require special care and the proper marble cleaner to keep it in pristine condition.

Thus, cleaning marble gives people a lot of anxiety. Those that don't know anything about marble usually damage it right away by using the wrong cleaner.

Below we'll give you key tips for safely and effectively cleaning marble along with our best marble cleaner recommendations for various situations and locations.

Marble Cleaner Tips to Avoid Damage

You can click the link and learn all about how to clean marble properly, but here are the key points to remember...
  • Do not use common cleaners like bleach, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and ammonia since these will etch marble (travertine and limestone too) leaving dull spots, rings, or spray marks.

    Etching is a chemical burn to the marble surface which requires re-polishing.

  • Related Help:
    Repairing Bleach Damaged Marble
    Removing Vinegar Stains on Marble

  • Avoid acidic & citrus cleaners. Acidic cleaners with a low pH like vinegar (pH 3), hydrogen peroxide (pH 4), or citrus (lemon-orange pH 2-4) etch marble.

    Alkaline marble cleaners are okay up to a point. Any cleaner with pH above 10 etches marble which is why bleach (pH 12) and ammonia (pH 11) are not for cleaning marble.

  • Also bad are nearly all name-brand cleaners like Windex, 409, Tilex, Lime Away, Kaboom, CLR, and Lysol.

    Repairing Lysol Cleaner Damage on Marble

    dull etch mark on marble using wrong marble cleaner

    Nearly all household cleaners are too harsh (too acidic or alkaline) for cleaning marble and etch the surface. Learn about the pH of cleaners.

  • Unfortunately, some cleaners labeled "for marble" are very poor performers, don't clean up oil or food spills well, leave streaks, and overall take more effort for crummy results. Most tend to be generic cleaners with a "marble" label sold at various stores but even at Home Depot, Lowes, or Amazon.

  • Avoid abrasive cleaners or pads or you may scratch the finish.

  • Homemade marble cleaner recipes usually include soap or even ammonia or vinegar. We already know to avoid ammonia and vinegar.

    Most soaps will not harm your marble countertop, but if used regularly, soap will leave a film just like in the shower.

    Soap film attracts dirt and makes the marble look dull and dingy. It is hard to remove too (see bath section below) which defeats the purpose of using it.

What Is The Best Marble Cleaner?

The best marble cleaners to use are specially-formulated, non-damaging professional marble cleaners.

Professional products provide superior performance and safety for cleaning marble & travertine, granite, or any natural stone.

best marble cleaner sealer polish - professional stone safe cleaner bottles

And they provide peace-of-mind that you're protecting your investment and maintaining your marble countertops, floors, and tile in shiny new condition.

Granite is a little more forgiving and will not etch immediately with use of generic or harsh products, but that's almost worse since you won't notice the damage and dullness for months to years.

One day you look at your granite tops and think... "geez these used to be real shiny". And re-polishing granite requires professional help.

Problem-specific marble cleaners are needed depending on the particular surface or cleaning issue.

Unfortunately, no one marble cleaner solves all issues. In the following sections we detail the specific products needed for various problems.

Marble Cleaners for Countertops & Floors


For general use, our favorite product for cleaning marble countertops (and all other stone countertops) is this Granite & Marble Cleaning spray.

Cleans easy with a streak-free shine for both bathroom countertops and kitchen countertops.

We've found this product to be the best and most effective providing superior performance all-around. Of course, totally
safe for marble and all natural stone.

For extra shine use the Topical Polish Enhancer. This marble polish is not a "repair" product, though. It won't fix dull marble from etching or wear. It will enhance the shine to make it really pop, provide some protection, condition the stone, and make the surface easier to clean.

It's not for use on floor tile as it is a bit slippery.

Marble Floor & Tile Cleaner

The Marble & Granite Floor Tile Cleaner is a concentrated formula that doesn't require rinsing. Just mix with water, mop and go for a streak-free shine.

The "Heavy Duty" version is used for cleaning marble floors with dirty grout and other built up of grime.

Marble Cleaning Products for the Bathroom

Shower & Tub

This Bath & Shower Kit takes care of all your bathroom cleaning needs with the following cleaners:
  • Soap Scum & Hard Water Cleaner (Regular Shower Cleaner)

  • Mold & Mildew Cleaner

  • Countertop Cleaner

Soap scum is the primary cleaning issue in a shower which is why the above cleaner in this kit is the best to use as your regular weekly marble shower cleaner and/or for the bath and tile surround.

The same is true for hard water stains (see more below). These calcium deposits can look a bit like soap film and occur around sinks and faucets too.

Both hard water stains and soap scum are very tenacious and require a special formula to remove.

This is why a marble countertop cleaner or floor cleaner isn't a solution for this issue.

The same is true for mold and mildew stains.

Mold and mildew are only occasional problems so this product is used as needed rather than as a "regular" shower cleaner like the Soap & Hard Water Remover.

Marble Cleaners for Special Situations

Etching, Glass Rings, Dull Spots

The ETCH REMOVER / Marble polishing product is made specifically for this purpose. It repolishes dull spots, glass rings, and water stains caused by etching to restore the color and shine.

Unlike dull granite noted above... marble etching can almost always be repaired by the homeowner. (This product for polished marble only).

For honed marble use the Marble Polishing Pads - Drill Kit or follow the DIY instructions in the Removing Etch Marks e-book.

Hard Water Stains

The Hard Water / Soap Scum Remover will remove hard water stains, calcium, and mineral deposits without ruining your marble. This problem is usually seen as a crusty white film around sinks and faucets or as a film in the shower.

Soap Scum

Cleaning soap scum on marble is a snap using the same product as above to remove hard water deposits. Showers will always have soap scum so luckily this one cleaner tackles both issues.

Soap scum is the main problem for a marble shower. It traps dirt and leads to mold growth. That's why this is the best cleaner for regular shower cleaning.

Mold & Mildew

The Mold & Mildew Remover quickly cleans away mildew and mold without marring the marble.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

A Non-Acidic Toilet Bowl Cleaner is a good idea to avoid etch spots on marble floor tile from drips and spills of typical caustic toilet cleaners.

Marble Stains

Dark spots from substances absorbing into the marble are removed following the DIY procedure in the Removing Marble Stains e-book.

Or you can use the Stain Removal Poultice.

Marble stains and etching are often confused. Each results from a different cause and each requires a different solution.

If you need some help deciding which product to choose, just contact us anytime... we're glad to help!

Comments for Best and Safest Marble Cleaning Products

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How do you clean marble shower grout?
by: Anonymous

What's the best product to clean grout on a Carrara marble shower floor that's only 6 months old?

We've been using just dawn soap and water but it's not keeping the grout clean enough.

There is also a dark area from an oily body scrub (which I no longer use).

I'd like to make the shower new again and then seal the floor.

Can you suggest a sealer also? Thanks!

===== Countertop Specialty comment:

To clean marble shower grout use the Soap & Hard Water remover. This is the best product for regular shower cleaning.

It's very effective and a stone-safe grout cleaner. So, no worries about damaging your marble tile like you would with pretty much every other grout cleaner on the market which are all acidic.

It will even clean grout haze off of newly installed marble tile floors or showers.

We get a lot of questions about cleaning marble tile grout. For instance...

Is hydrogen peroxide safe for cleaning grout?

No, hydrogen peroxide is not a good choice for cleaning grout. It is acidic and will corrode the grout. And if you are cleaning marble tile grout, hydrogen peroxide will also ruin the finish on the marble tile.

Can vinegar or bleach ruin your grout?

Yes, vinegar can ruin grout for the same reason as hydrogen peroxide. Vinegar is acidic and will eat away the grout if used regularly.

Is baking soda safe for marble?

With a pH of around 9 baking soda is safe for use on marble for short exposure time. Meaning it should not be left to sit on the surface or it could begin to etch the finish.

You'll find many recommendations online to make a poultice out of baking soda and water to remove marble stains.

This recipe is essentially ineffective.

It can remove gunk on the surface but not the typical marble stains that have absorbed into the stone. And it could scratch your marble since it is an abrasive powder.

Baking soda and vinegar is also worthless but commonly recommended as a cleaner for grout and other things.

Why? ... If you go back to high school chemistry you'll recall that baking soda is alkaline and vinegar is acidic so the two basically cancel each other out when mixed.

This combo is no more effective than cleaning with water except the baking soda does provide some abrasive power.

To remove marble stains from oils, etc., then use the Stain Remover poultice.

You should definitely seal Carrara marble as white marble has little iron deposits embedded that can cause rust stains in showers.

I'd recommend these high-quality stone sealers for the best protection and lasting durability.

Dull spots on white marble
by: Anonymous

My gray & white marble kitchen counter has worried me since buying my home (lived in now 3 years). It is 30 years old.

It had lost its polish and has even 5 cent size extra dull spots scattered over it. So very keen to receive your advice. Help me, please.

==== Countertop Specialty comment:

You state that it has lost its polish or shine I take it. Well, first you must consider that it never had a "polished" (shiny) finish to begin with. Marble countertops are often installed with a honed (matte) finish that is smooth but not shiny.

Since you've only been in the home 3 years you may not know if it was ever polished (unless it was when you moved in), but let's say that it was.....

It is probably dull now because previous owners used improper cleaning products that are too harsh for marble (like most common household cleaners) and etched the entire surface which would destroy the shiny layer.

The smaller dull spots scattered about are almost certainly separate etch marks from drips, sprays or splatters of acidic foods, drinks or harsh cleaners.

Etch marks can be repaired on a "polished" marble countertop or floor using the DIY Etch Remover - Polisher (link above). It's a different matter on a honed marble finish.

If you'd like a shiny polished marble countertop, you'll need to hire a stone restoration pro to refinish the surface. This will remove all other dull spots.

Cleaning bathroom marble floors
by: Anonymous

Someone recommended sanding the marble floor to remove stains. Is that effective for a 30-year-old bathroom floor?

=== Countertop Specialty comment:

The best and easiest way to remove granite and/or marble stains is to use this Stain Removal Poultice Powder, but sanding is an option for certain other "spots".

You must differentiate between "stains". Dark spots where something has absorbed into the stone.... these are true stains.

The other kind of spot commonly confused as a "stain" is the lighter-in-color dull spot, water spot or glass ring. These are not stains... these are etch marks.... marks of corrosion from acidic foods or chemicals.

If the marble floor has a honed finish or other non-polished, non-reflective surface, then sometimes etch marks can be sanded out.

Sanding a polished marble will only scratch and dull the surface and shine.

As far as true stains are concerned (dark spots)... no... sanding will not remove a marble stain.

Full-course marble re-finishing where a stone restoration professional comes in and grinds down the surface in preparation to re-finish the marble can remove shallow stains.

marble cleaning hard water stains
by: Anonymous

Bathroom shower marble floor and walls. Which product should we use to clean hard water stain?

=== Countertop Specialty comment:

To remove hard water deposits and films you'll want to use the Soap Scum & Hard Water Deposit Remover. Excellent for use as your regular marble / travertine shower cleaner.

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Best Marble Cleaning Products

by Cindy Fusco
(New Haven, CT)


I am inheriting a white marble coffee table and a rose marble dresser with two matching night stands.

They have been in my family for over 60 years and are in mint condition.

I have an active family with children and pets. I would like to know the best way to take care of and preserve these pieces. Thank you for any information.


First, you'll find extensive information about marble, repair, maintenance and Marble Care: Do's & Don'ts on various pages of this website to give you general guidelines to follow on a regular basis.

The most detailed and comprehensive step-by-step "how to" information that includes absolutely everything you'll ever want or need to know about cleaning marble, sealing marble, general care including simple DIY solutions for any problems you might encounter and marble cleaner recommendations is in the Cleaning Marble Secrets Guide.

But bare bones basics... you'll want to always use trivets, coasters, and place mats to avoid contact with any acidic foods or drinks that will etch and dull the surface finish.

The best products are those specifically made safe for cleaning marble as detailed above (at the top of the page). Most common and brand-name household cleaners will cause dull etch marks.

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Best Marble Floor Tile Cleaner

by PSB


Have about 2000 sq. feet of white marble floor tile in kitchen, dining, living areas, hallways, stairways.

How to clean marble flooring easily, inexpensively, quickly?


First, it's most important to know what you should not use for marble cleaning.

Avoiding problems and damage is the first step toward painless, easy maintenance.

Marble floor tile is chemically sensitive to acidic substances, as well as most name-brand and common household cleaners.

A chemical reaction occurs when using products that are too harsh for cleaning marble that results in dull and discolored spots, areas or even the entire marble floor or countertop.

It's called etching and the only way to prevent etching is to avoid contact with damaging substances.

Go to the marble polishing page to learn more about etching and check out the marble repair page as well.

"Cheap" cleaners like vinegar, ammonia and bleach are out along with brand cleaners like Lysol, 409, Comet, etc. and just about all others. These will damage the finish on contact.

You can use hot water, but it will leave your marble tile floor streaky and isn't too effective on grease/grime.

So.... what is the best marble floor cleaner?

I highly recommend using this Granite & Marble Floor Tile Cleaner.... it's the best we've used. Very effective cleaner and leaves a streak-free shine. Quick and easy!

Of course, it isn't the cheapest, but in the long run, it saves you time, effort, and repair hassle. You get many cleanings from one bottle without ever risking damage and your marble floor tile will look stunning... it's worth it!

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Marble Cleaners in Canada

by J
(Cambridge On.)

Granite & Marble Cleaning Products for Canada

Granite & Marble Cleaning Products for Canada


Where can I buy the MB marble cleaner in Cambridge, Ontario Canada?


The MB marble cleaner and product line is not available at stores in Canada.

Professional grade stone care products are rarely sold in big box stores or other retail locations even in the US. However, you can order MB products for delivery to Canada and all other countries (see below).

Canada / International Granite & Marble Cleaning Products

Click the following link to order Granite & Marble Care Products for Canada and International delivery at our Stone Care Center where you'll find MB and other product solutions for all natural stone care and cleaning issues.

Nearly all products at the Stone Care Center ship to most countries save a couple exceptions that are noted in the product description.

In case you don't know.... Most common household cleaners including brand-name cleaners will damage natural stone particularly marble, travertine, and limestone.

To properly clean, maintain and protect granite and marble you should use only products made specifically for safe use on natural stone.

We recommend (and use) only the top-performing, best value granite & marble cleaners on our website and store.

The MB product line is excellent and highly-respected in the stone industry. Also, very popular with homeowners. You'll love 'em!

At the Stone Care Center, you'll find MB stone care products and other top products for:

  • Restoring Marble Etching, Water spots, and Glass Rings

  • Sealing Granite Countertops, Marble, and Travertine Tile

  • Enhancing Color of Honed Surfaces

  • Cleaning Soap Scum & Hard Water Stains

  • Cleaning Mildew & Mold Removal

  • Repairing Chips & Pits

  • General Granite & Marble Cleaning

  • Tile Floor Cleaner

  • Polishing Marble, Travertine tile and Limestone

And we'll happily answer any and all questions regarding product selection, use and stone care at any time.

Comments for Marble Cleaners in Canada

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Water Stain On Marble Fireplace Hearth
by: Anonymous

A water stain left a dull area on the fireplace hearth.

What is best cure?

==== Answer:

The dull area is a spot of corrosion from some type of acidic or caustic food, drink, or cleaning product.

Pure water doesn't actually cause these spots (marble etching), but they are basically colorless and thus seem like "water stains".

To restore the shine and color use this Marble Polishing / Etch Remover powder.

It's very effective, pro-quality, and made just for this purpose... repairing etch marks. It will do the trick no problem.

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Cheap Marble Cleaning Product


What can I clean my marble vanity top with that is not expensive to buy?


Well, that depends on what you consider expensive and also how well do you want to clean and maintain your marble.

Most products are developed for specific uses on certain surfaces.

You wouldn't use Windex on fine wood furniture would you? It's cheap and it will clean it, but it will also damage it. Marble is no different.

All kinds of cheap chemicals will "clean" marble, but also damage it... so, when you ask for "cheap" I can only compare what is appropriate to clean marble with.

I recommend using Granite & Marble Cleaning spray VALUE KIT because it is perfectly formulated for cleaning marble safely, effectively and streak free so it looks great... it's also the cheapest marble cleaner available.

Hot water is the only other appropriate alternative, which is perfectly fine. It will require a lot more effort to remove any gunk on your countertops, and you'll have to buff it dry to remove streaks, but it won't damage the marble.

Many will recommend using dish soap too, which won't hurt your countertop. That is most soaps are safe, although a few are acidic enough to etch marble.

Using dish soap is not the best idea because eventually a residue builds up and dulls the shine.

This soap film cannot be cleaned by water or even a standard marble cleaner.

You'll need to use a special cleaner formulated to cut through and remove soap scum, which is particularly tough to clean.

Bleach, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, and vinegar are cheap, will "clean" marble, but all are too harsh (acidic or caustic) and will definitely damage the marble countertop or floor finish.

So, the cheapest is hot water, which is my primary method and then 2-3 times a week or as needed after a messy meal I use Granite Countertop & Marble Cleaning spray suggested above. I don't use it up very quick, so it's pretty cheap on a yearly basis.

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