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Considering that....

The same problems occur and questions are asked over and over again... especially regarding: stains, etching (dull spots, water-spots, glass-rings), sealing, scratches, repair, products and general care/cleaning.... and that....

This site contains over 1000 pages dedicated to providing you comprehensive information regarding the design, selection, installation, cleaning and maintenance of natural stone and most other countertop and flooring materials.

It's quite likely

that the information and answers you seek already exist on the site... it's only a matter of finding it quickly using the options below.

Options For Answers

You'll find several avenues on this site to quickly find expert advice, information, answers and solutions. Click on one of the links below to get started....

1. Search This Site
2. Read Answers To Common Issues
3. Download "How To" e-Books
4. Submit A Question
5. Product Orders & Information

1. Search This Site

In the box below simply type in the words, phrases or a brief description of the information you'd like, click the "search" button and a list of all pages addressing that topic will pop up. This option casts the widest net and will return the greatest number and variety of pages, information and answers.

You'll find a search box at the top right and bottom center of every page on our site. Use any of these to quickly find what you seek from any page.

2. Read Answers To Commonly Asked Questions

Just click the appropriate link and you'll be re-directed to a page listing answers and solutions to common issues on the specific topic chosen.

Marble & Granite Sealer Answers

Cleaning Marble Answers

Marble Counter tops Answers

Outdoor Kitchen Answers

3. Download "How To" e-Books

Cleaning Marble Secrets: questions, answers, ebook

Looking for the the most comprehensive, focused and detailed information along with proven, low-cost, DIY, step-by-step, "how to" solutions to all types of problems....?

Then download to your computer one of our Granite & Marble Maintenance and Repair e-books. These e-books will provide you the best and most complete answer possible.

4. Submit A Question. It's easy using the Q & A form....

It's easy using our Q & A form....

But before you do... please read this:

We understand that you'd like to get a specific answer to your specific question, concern or situation, however, before filling out a Q & A form we ask again to consider and understand that...

  • There are very few truly unique questions or problems regarding stone maintenance
  • The same problems occur and the same questions are asked over and over again... and it's highly likely that your question has already been answered and can be found by utilizing one of the above options
  • The type of stone or surface (granite, marble, quartz) IS very important, however, what is true for granite is essentially true for all colors/names of granite. What is true for marble is true for all marble, travertine, limestone, quartz, etc. The particular color or name of the same material type rarely changes the necessary maintenance, procedure or solution already available on this site.

We are always happy to help! Thus, we have developed this page and above options so we can spend our time, effort and energy expanding the site to provide you with more and more unique information that will always be readily available and easy to access.

However, if after utilizing the above options you're unable to find an adequate information, then please submit your question. We'll gladly answer it!

5. Product Orders & Information

Stone Care Pro granite & marble cleaning products

Looking for care & cleaning products?
Visit our Stone Care Center to learn about and order recommended products.

For questions about products already ordered...
click here to Contact Us.

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