Marble Counter Top Edge

top to bottom: Ogee, Bevel, Eased, Square

top to bottom: Ogee, Bevel, Eased, Square


What is the best edge for marble in the bathroom?


The edge that you like best, of course! The edge is really a decorative aspect of your marble counter top, so it should be in harmony with your overall design theme in the bathroom.

The more elaborate edges such as the Ogee or the French Cove are popular in bathrooms.

But if your design is sleek or spartan... elegantly simple... then a square or bullnose may be the better choice.

If it's a heavily used bathroom you may consider that the simplest edges (square and round) will be easier to clean, but this is really a minor, possibly irrelevant issue for all except the most elaborate laminated edges with curves and grooves, etc.

However, if it's a heavily used bathroom, I'd suggest using granite (more durable and resistant to staining or surface damage) instead of a marble counter top.

Also, cost is a consideration. Laminated edges and "fancier" edges will cost more to cut and install, but unless your bathroom is HUGE with a large marble counter top, then the difference in price between edge styles is small and probably less of a deciding factor for most people than...

Simply choosing the edge you like the best!

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