Yogurt Stain On Spanish Marble


I accidentally dropped yogurt on my Spanish marble floor. Now I see a dull stain even though I had wiped it off instantly. Any help is appreciated.


What you have is not actually a "stain".

What you have is an etch mark created by the lactic acid in the yogurt. Many people mistake them for stains and try their normal method for cleaning marble to no avail.

Marble is sensitive to acids, which presents a confusing issue with marble maintenance. As I said, most people mistake etch marks for stains and conclude that marble stains easy.

But staining and etching are completely different issues. Stains occur when a substance is absorbed into the pores of the stone. And marble does not stain easy.

Etching is corrosion that physically damages the marble upon contact with acids and/or too harsh cleaning products. Marble does etch easy though and it may only take a few seconds contact to leave an etch mark.

The acids eat into the marble. When the marble finish is a shiny polish these etch marks are very noticeable because the shiny layer is destroyed exposing a more dull layer.

Not to worry though, etch marks can be repaired and removed using ETCH REMOVER / Marble Polishing product, which is designed for this purpose.

It's very easy to use and in most cases will return the marble to like new condition. And since you wiped it up right away, you should get excellent results.

Also, you should only use products safe for cleaning marble .

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