How To Repair Etched Marble

Etch Mark on Marble Countertop

Etch Mark on Marble Countertop


How do you repair marble once it has been etched or looks like a dull water mark on the marble?


Etched marble is repaired by repolishing or refinishing the damaged surface. How it's done depends on the type of finish and the severity of etching.

Marble etching occurs upon contact with acidic foods and drinks like coffee, soda, wine, alcohol and when harsh products like bleach, vinegar, ammonia and most common brand-name cleaners are used for cleaning marble.

Etching is a corrosive chemical reaction that essentially eats at the marble. Think of it like a burn that removes the finished top layer of marble.

It's very noticeable on a polished surface because it exposes dull raw marble. Of course, it happens just the same on a honed surface but is not as visible since honed marble has a matte finish that is more dull to begin with.

Solutions to Repair Etched Marble

Luckily, marble repair for etching is simple, but again... the method depends on the finish type and the etching severity.

On Polished Marble

Restore dull spot etching on polished marble finishes using the Marble Polish / Etch Remover, which is engineered specifically for marble repair and will restore the shine and color like new.

Easy-to-use DIY product... just rub on using a bit of pressure with a soft cloth.

Depending on the stone and the degree of etching you may have to make several applications. It's kinda like sanding wood. Need to keep sanding until it is a smooth as you want it. Same here... keep at it in multiple rounds until the shine is

On Honed Marble

Restoring etch marks on honed marble is different than on a polished marble. Unfortunately, there's no product to use.

However, the fix is cheap and relatively easy following the simple step-by-step instructions provided in the Removing Etch Marks e-book.

Severe Etch Marks

Severe etching is rare but can occur if an acidic substance is left to sit on the marble countertop or tile for an extended period. It will continue to eat away the marble.

If the damaged area is noticeably rough to the touch, then it is severe.

The above methods may work in some cases, but usually, a stone restoration professional is needed to repair severe etch marks. Different methods for finishing and polishing marble are needed depending on the condition and level of finish of the marble.

Severe etching requires a more vigorous and specialized treatment. It's pretty rare though, so most often the DIY methods will do the trick quickly and easily on 95% of etch marks even if you have to apply it a few times.

When etching is severe and rough, you can try the DIY methods, but will likely need a pro.

Preventing Etching on Marble

To dispel a common misconception, applying a marble sealer does NOT prevent etching.

Sealers prevent stains but cannot stop physical damage to the stone. Etch marks are physical damage.

Preventing contact with damaging substances and cleaners is the only totally successful method.

Some coatings can help prevent etching but not completely.

The best advice is to use coasters, trivets, cutting boards, practice good marble cleaning habits and learn to restore etch marks as part of normal maintenance.

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I’KAN Stone & Tile Care
by: I’KAN Stone & Tile Care

Great information, thanks for sharing this blog with us. Keep sharing!!

Repaire etching on honed marble
by: Ryan

Etching can be repaired on honed marble too, but, there isn't a product to used.

You either need to call in a marble cleaning pro or you can do-it-yourself and following the simple and cheap step-by-step instructions provided in the Removing Etch Marks e-book.

Good Luck!

How do I repair honed marble that has been etched?
by: Anonymous

My mother came to visit and cleaned my natural marble shower while I was gone... with regular mildew remover! Now there is a white powdery-like finish to the marble that I don't know how to remove. Is my shower damaged for good, or is there some way I can remove the etching? This is honed marble, not polished.


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