New Travertine Floors Dusty and Gritty

by Todd
(Singer Island, FL, USA)


I installed travertine flooring in my house - about 1800 sq ft. I did not apply a sealer yet. My issue is the floors never feel clean - they always feel dusty/gritty.

I think it is from the grout. I think we used a sanded grout & it feels like the sand is coming up - no matter how many times I mop.

Will sealing the travertine tile stop the grout from turning all the floors dusty/gritty?
Thank you


Sounds like you simply have grout residue on the tiles, which is common, but it should have been removed.

Common grout release/removers are acidic though, so you don't want to use one of those since travertine tile is reactive with acids and will etch on contact creating dull and discolored marks.

I'd recommend using this Hard Water/Grout Remover, which is very good at removing grout residue (hard water deposits and grout residue are very similar).

You'll need to apply it, let sit for 5-10 minutes and then scrub with a soft brush and clean off.

With 1800 sq feet this will be a chore for sure. No telling how much of the remover product you'll need, but you may be able to dilute a bit in water to aid in application and coverage.

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Travertine is a naturaly dingy looking stone and feels dirty.
by: Anonymous

The best way to get that "gritty" feeling off of the travertine tile floors is to wash it. (The gritty feeling that you are feeling is not from the grout, unless you did a poor job grouting it).

Simple clean water in a bucket and a deck brush will be ok to use, however a floor buffer is better if you have access to one.

Spread water over the floor (dump it out, dip the brush, use a bug spayer, whatever).

Next, agitate the water over the surface of the stone and then use a wet/dry vac to suck up the water. Follow this proccess right away before moving to the next section, with a clean water rinse.

The clean water rinse is done as the same method as described before, only this time you do not need to scrub. Just simply apply clean water (however you want to apply it) and suck it up. With two people, this task is not very time consuming.

If there is still grit AFTER the travertine has completley dried, repeat this proccess. Buffing with dry rags (cheap paper towels are the best, they also absorb better than expensive ones) is never a bad idea to follow after you have washed the stones.

If you clean your stones, and then seal them (and the grout) and clean your floor with this method EVERYTIME you clean your floors, they will NEVER discolor or look dingy, or leave those "figure 8" looking swirls that you see when you mop.

Best of luck to you!
-jason huggett.
(15 years of tile and grout restoration experience)

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