Marble Countertop Candle Stain

by Debi


I had a candle burning in a blue holder and just noticed that it left a blue ring etched in my marble countertop.

I am not sure the type of marble that we have in our bathroom (as it is a condo and was built in the 80's).

The candle holder is blue and is now peeling off at the base of the candle holder as a result of the heat from the candle.

I am not sure what type of material they used to colour the glass, but whatever it is it has left a stain in my marble. Please help!


Sounds like the marble stain is a dye from the candle holder. Cleaing marble stains is usually no big deal, but they don't come out using regular methods.

You'll have to follow the step-by-step instructions for cleaning marble stains Removing Granite & Marble Stains e-book.

One thing though... I'm sure you know what you have, but... condo in the 80's... could be "cultured" marble, which is basically plastic and not marble.

If it's cultured marble you may be out of luck. It's nearly impossible to get stains out of cultured marble. Professional resurfacing may be your only option, but I'm not an expert on this product.

You could try cleaning it with rubbing alcohol and a non-abrasive cloth or possibly a mildly abrasive nylon pad.

But cultured marble generally doesn't stain unless the protective gel coat has been worn away, scratched or damaged. If the alcohol doesn't do the trick, call a pro to come look at it.

But for real marble, the poultice is your best bet!

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