Average Cost For Marble Countertops


For budgetary purposes, can you tell me what the average installed cost per square foot is for marble kitchen counter tops?


I'll answer your question about cost below, but first, I would suggest you do a little more research about installing marble kitchen countertops.

You'll find lots of information on this site with plenty of Q&A's addressing this very question (which you'll find listed below the form you used to submit this question).

The long and short of it that marble is not a good choice for a kitchen countertop. Staining is not a problem, but etching and scratching is.

You can't prevent etching and it will require ongoing marble maintenance that gets very frustrating for most people who want their marble to always look brand new.

Yes, I know you see it in the magazines, etc. but many designers don't have a clue about marble maintenance. They, like you, just love the look and install it without a thought about how much more maintenance marble requires vs. granite.

Marble is fine for anywhere else in the house... just not as a kitchen countertop or bar top.

Average cost will vary by market, but $60/sq ft. is close to an "average". Of course, that doesn't mean that your installation will be $60 or even close.

It could go well above $100/sq ft depending on the cost of material, number of cut outs, edge detail, any special delivery costs like hauling the stone up stairs, etc.

And it could be as low as $40. In many cities you'll see signs for $25/sq ft (usually for granite) which I would caution you against.

These "companies" are usually installing 2cm only, often inferior grade granite as fast as they can at razor thin margins.

If you have a problem... (and 90% of the time there is some unforeseen issue that must be ironed out, especially when trying to hurry and cut corners as much as possible) you will likely get only avoidance and excuses and left to deal with it yourself.

In other words, you'll get a good price, but you may not be happy with the results and paying any price for something you don't like is not a deal.

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