Polyurethane Stained Marble Entryway

by Susan
(South Attleboro)

We have a beautiful white with black and gray speckled marble entryway surrounded by our newly redone hardwood floors on three sides.

Unfortunately, a few of the workmen left speckles of polyurethane on our marble floor. Since they are friends, gave us a great deal and did a beautiful job on the hardwood, I do not want to say anything to them.

Some parts of it appear grimy too. I think the dirt stains are from people spilling and not taking care of it. A few are in the shape of work boots!

Please tell me how I can fix my marble.


First you can try cleaning the marble surface using acetone and a soft scrub brush.

This will dissolve the polyurethane on the surface, but won't harm the marble at all.

If the polyurethane or anything else actually stained (absorbed into the pores below the surface) then you'll have to follow the instructions in the Removing Stains Manual.

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