Cleaning Marble Hair Dye Stain

by Lisandra

Can I get hair dye out of a marble counter top? If so, how?

Wellllll.... maybe. But quite possibly yes! Below I'll detail a method the can have good success with removing all sorts of stains from marble countertops, but first....

As a point of education... there are two types of "stains" that people ask about. One is the type that looks like a "water spot." It is usually a clear but dull spot on the countertop.

This occurs when fruit juice, alcohol, coffee, cleaning products or other acidic substances have come in contact with the marble surface. Marble is mostly made of calcite, which will react with any acid corroding or "etching" the surface, which destroys the polish causing the dull spot or glass ring.

This is NOT a stain. Nothing has been absorbed into the surface (although that can happen in addition and at the same time as etching). The polish has simply been chemically removed.

With etching sometimes you have to call in a marble cleaning and maintenance professional, but typically only when severe.

Otherwise, you can fix dull etch marks easily yourself using the Marble Polish / Etch Remover on polished marble.

For honed marble, call a pro or follow instructions in the Removing Etch Marks e-book.

Don't dye
your hair over any natural stone! Hair dye will truly stain your marble countertops. The marble has absorbed the dye and it must be removed.

Lucky for you, there is a very inexpensive method to remove stains from marble and other stones that you can easily perform yourself. The severity of the stain, length of time it's been there and using the proper ingredients will determine your success.

What is it!?

A poultice.

A poutice is a mixture of an absorbing agent (talc/baby powder, paper towels, baking soda or diatomaceous earth) and a liquid chemical. The chemical will react with the stain and the powder will re-aborb the staining agent.

So... you will mix and apply a poultice to the stain. The poultice will draw the hair dye out of the marble. You may have to repeat the procedure several times to get it all out, but it's your only hope.

IMPORTANT: The type of substance that has stained the marble will determine which chemical to be mixed with the powder (which can be the same for any stain) in your poultice recipe.

You'll find complete step-by-step instructions in the Removing Granite & Marble Stains e-book.

If the stain is still there... hopefully lighter... repeat the process until it is gone.

Comment back and let me know how it goes.

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by: Kevin

Thank you! You saved my life! My mom wanted me to wait so she could help me dye my hair. But today was the first day of school and I couldn't wait. When I got home, the marble bathroom sink thats off-white had multiple black hair dye stains. I followed your instructions and it worked!

What worked for me
by: Anonymous

I couldn't get hold of any 12% hydrogen peroxide so I used Jolen hair bleach from the drugstore. I don't know what % HP that has. It worked though. I didn't make a poultice, just mixed it up as per the instructions and put a layer exactly where the stain was (brown hair dye). It faded it well over several applications, I would leave it on for an hour or so each time.
Thanks for your help, your info helped me get through a tough day!

This Worked
by: Ryan


Glad you got some positive results. If you didn't know, hydrogen peroxide can be more dangerous the higher the concentration. You probably have a "stabilized" kind so it's ok except you should wear eye and skin protection, rubber gloves etc.

Good luck!

This worked!
by: Jackie

I tried at least 7 different methods including hair dye remover from the cosmetic store. The only difference is I could not find the hydrogen peroxide amount you recommended so I used 40%. I followed your directions exactly and most of it came it. Will try it again for the final touch. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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