Remove Vinegar Stain On Marble Countertop

by Elisabeth
(Huntington Beach, CA)


Soooo we bought a new house that has marble countertops in the kitchen... I was cleaning the coffeemaker w/vinegar, like I always have 1x/month & it left a huge stain!

It seems like it traced the bottom of the coffeemaker on the countertop.

In reading your site... I'm sooooo in trouble, what should I do?


Yes, Elisabeth... you are in big trouble, but I'm going to turn you into a marble maintenance magician!

What you did was "etch" the marble countertop. Etching occurs upon contact with acidic substances like vinegar, soda, coffee, wine and also from alkaline cleaning products (which covers most common household cleaners).

Etching causes dull spots, so-called "water stains" and cup rings. However, these are not the same as marble stains.

See our Marble Cleaning Do's & Don'ts page for more tips on how to clean marble.

The acids/cleaners corrode the marble, which removes the shiny layer exposing the dull and lighter colored raw marble underneath. For detailed etching information go to our Etch Repair & Marble Polishing page.

To remove (or rather restore) the etch mark damage from the vinegar you'll need to use a good marble polishing compound like ETCH REMOVER / Marble Polishing product... the one I like best.

This marble polishing product is easy to use (rub on spot) and will restore the color and shine. In extreme circumstances where the etching is severe a marble restoration pro would be required to restore the surface. But most often the paste makes all look new again.

Also, I'd highly recommend you get the Cleaning Marble Secrets Guide since you are new to marble maintenance.

You'll learn a lot on various pages of our site, however, this guide is far more detailed. It's the most comprehensive guide on cleaning marble and marble repair available.

It will teach you everything you need to know to keep your marble countertop and floors in tip-top shape including inexpensive, proven DIY solutions to any issue or problem you may encounter, product recommendations, etc.

You will certainly want to know all about proper marble care, because marble countertops in the kitchen will require extra vigilance and maintenance to keep looking good.

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