Will Dishwasher Steam Damage Marble

by Mady
(Panama City Beach)


We just installed honed marble (Calcutta Gold Vein) in our kitchen (and I LOVE it, by the way). When my dishwasher is running, it seems like the steam is seeping up through the marble and turning it grey. You can feel the warmth. It goes away after a couple of hours. Is this something I need to fix/or be worried about?


The steam is just water of course and clean water will not stain stone. It will darken the color when it absorbs into the stone, but once evaporated the "normal" color of the marble will return.

Although if you regularly notice dark spots from water absorbing, then you probably need to apply a sealer.

Perform the water test for sealing.

If the water test shows you should apply a sealer then use these recommended marble & granite sealers.

Since it's a honed finish you should not notice any or at least not much of a change in the marble over time because of the dishwasher steam.

Polished marble could be a different story since many city and well water supplies can actually be a bit acidic and will etch marble removing the shiny polished layer.

Etching is like a chemical burn caused by acidic foods, drinks and alkaline cleaning products that create dull and discolored marks.

A honed surface will hide these marks better than a polished surface although you are still likely to notice etch marks on a honed surface.

Etching occurs in seconds and only avoiding contact will prevent etching. Sealing has nothing to do with the issue.

Too late now, but installing a marble kitchen countertop is typically not recommended because of etching. It's just impossible to avoid this in the kitchen. So, it's something you'll have to learn to deal with.

You'll find complete info in the Removing Etch Marks ebook.

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Silicone tooling with soapy water - Etching?
by: Anonymous

I need to silicone a marble bench top and I normally use soapy water to spray over the bead to tool.

Will the soapy water (dish soap) etch the marble?

==== Countertop Specialty comment:

No, soapy water will not etch marble.

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