Why Isn't My Granite Super High Gloss Shiny

by Cheryl


We had a granite counter top installed two years ago. I have noticed a few pits in it and it does not appear like it has a thick coating of gloss on it. Why?

Also, when should I reseal it and will that give it a shinier look? It has lots of browns and creams and golds in it.


First, just to clarify the gloss on granite countertops or any stone is not "applied". There is no "coating" and it does not come from some product put on the surface.

The shine or "polish" comes from grinding and polishing using special abrasives and huge machines at the factory.

You may notice other granite countertops that appear more shiny than yours because some varieties of granite take a shine better and will get more glossy when polished.

Also, darker granite colors blues, blacks and greens can often appear more shiny.

To enhance the shine on your kitchen countertop I suggest stop using dish soap or any type of soap to clean the surface if you are doing so. Soap builds up and dulls the shine.

Instead use a good granite cleaner that conditions the stone like this Marble & Granite Countertop Cleaning spray, which contains optical brighteners and dries streak-free.

Also, you can use DAZZLE Polish, which is not permanent, but will enhance or maximize the shine on a polished surface.

Just FYI... you do not want to apply any type of permanent topical coating. Bad for the stone and many will create additional maintenance issues.

Regarding sealing... you simply need to do the test for sealing granite to determine when/if it needs re-sealing.

But sealing will not add any shine since it absorbs into the pores of the stone below the surface.

Hope this helps clarify the issue for you.

granite countertop cleanerGood Luck,

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