Water Under Marble Shower Floor Tile

by Ed Kowalewski
(Pooler, GA, USA)


Lysol 4 in 1 was used on our tumbled marble shower (this is dull not shiny marble) a few times. Recently we noticed in certain parts of the shower floor the grout is either discolored or wet, when the rest of the shower is completely dry. Due to marble being porous, is the water collecting under the grout caused by the Lysol? If so how do we fix this?


I wouldn't recommend using the Lysol cleaner, but I don't think it has anything to do with your grout being constantly wet in areas.

And it isn't because of the marble. Marble is actually not very porous although you read that bogus info quite often online because people are confused about staining vs. etching, but that's another matter.

The likely problem is either cracks or voids in the grout or a bad installation allowing water to collect beneath the tiles. Or it could just be that those areas are the lowest lying areas so all water will drain there and that will be the last place to dry out.

So, allow the shower to dry out for a few days. Note how fast the areas in question dry out. If they take 3 or 4 days to dry, then you have water under the tiles/grout. Carefully inspect all grout lines and repair those that need it.

If you continue to experience the problem then you'll probably have to rip out the floor and re-install it to solve the issue.

And don't seal it. That will only exacerbate the problem by trapping water. Stone needs to breath, especially in a wet environment.

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