Slippery Marble Shower Floor

by Marge
(New York, NY)


The marble shower floor has become slippery, can this be fixed? Yes, it is definitely marble and not a laminate.


Well, if it has "become" slippery then the only reason I can see why it would is a build-up of soap scum or some other film.

The marble itself will not become slippery. If anything it will become more rough from wear by feet and water and therefore less slippery with use.

I'm assuming that you clean it regularly or have cleaned it to try and solve this problem, however soap scum can be tenacious and may not even be that noticeable since it will cover the entire surface.

First, I'd recommend that you clean it with Soap Scum / Hard Water Remover and a soft bristle brush. I'd bet that will solve the issue.

You could then use the Anti-Slip Floor Tile Cleaner on the marble floor tiles. This will provide much more secure footing.

The only other solution for slippery marble flooring is to have the marble re-finished so it is more rough to provide better footing.

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Slip Grip is LEED product for slippery marble
by: Anonymous

I had the same problem. My marble shower floor was so slippery from lack of cleaning and using the best cleaner. I wanted to use a natural, safe for the environment and my children product that wouldn't change the finish of my marble floor. I found a product called Slip Grip. I was told by the Slip Grip staff to order and use their 2 step process tile safe cleaner and Slip Grip (step 2). The cleaner worked really well and did the trick. After using the the cleaner i applied the step 2,Slip Grip. It made my shower floor marble less slippery. I turned on the shower and walked around on the Marble barefoot 15 minutes after Slip grip dried. The Slip Grip cleaner cleaned my marble tile and did not change the polished finish and the actual Slip Grip made them less slippery. I do not remember because I bought a couple of gallons of the cleaner and 4 years later I still have some cleaner and my marble floors are still not slippery.

Anti-Slip Solution for Marble
by: Anonymous

Look at or for a anti-slip treatment of marble shower floors.

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