Polishing Dull Silestone


I have coffee bean Silestone countertops in my kitchen.

It always had a dull finish, so I use car wax (Turtle Wax) a few times a year and it seems to work.

Is this okay?

It puts on a nice shine and the water beads with less rings. The down side is it does take a little elbow grease and I'm not sure if it causes any harm to the countertop.


A polished or shiny finish is the most common but not the only type available for Silestone. Also, the degree of "shine" can vary, so it may not be a super high-gloss.

How "shiny" a surface can get depends on how hard it is and the composition of the material.

For example, some colors of granite or marble will take a shine better than others. Even though man-made quartz countertops like Silestone are very hard, they will still only be able to get so shiny and may not be as shiny as other surfaces you see.

The picture you submitted does show reflections in the Silestone surface, so it's likely that the finish is as it should be. Unlikely that anything is "wrong" with it.

Wax is a very "old-school" method. Now sometimes old-school is the best, of course, but not in this instance.

Wax only makes for more involved maintenance as it builds up, need stripping occasionally, can turn yellow, and like you said... takes work to apply.

A better choice is to use a dedicated stone polish like the Topical Polish/Shine Enhancer. This will work equally well on Silestone and all quartz countertops.

Silestone and all other brands of quartz countertops are composed mostly of "quartz" which is natural stone. Thus, it's best to treat Silestone like granite by using cleaning and maintenance products made for granite and marble.

Just apply a little Topical Stone Polish on the surface, wipe around, and buff to a shine. Quick and easy. It will last quite a while (depending on usage of the countertop) but does not build up, discolor, or need stripping like car wax.

It adds the desired pop to the shine and provides a little extra protection without all the work and hassle of wax.

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Dull Spot From Acetone on Silestone
by: Anonymous

I used acetone to clean some spilled crazy glue off my countertop and it left this very dull spot on the countertop.

What do I do to bring back the shine to this small dull area??

==== Countertop Specialty comment:

Acetone and other solvents can damage quartz. It may just dull the finish or it can cause discoloring.

The Quartz Countertop Stains page explains this thoroughly and provides options for possible repair.

Note that this spot may be permanent.

If it is discolored it is almost certainly permanent.

However, if just slightly dull, then you can try using the "Granite Polishing Kit" (see links in several comments on this page).

This kit is sometimes successful repolishing quartz countertops, but can't really guarantee that it will work. It does on some quartz surfaces but not always.

If you choose to use the Granite Polishing Kit, then you should first test it on an inconspicuous area and go slow when using it on the dull spot.

Dull spots from Lysol on quartz countertops
by: Mary

Hello, My cleaning lady used Lysol bathroom cleaner on my quartz countertop and now it has dull spots where she sprayed it?

s there any way to fix it and bring back the shine? If you have any advice. Please let me know... Thanks

==== Countertop Specialty comment:

Probably not. Lysol Bathroom Cleaner has a low pH of around 2 which means it is very acidic.

Many Lysol products are acidic or too harsh for use on many types of countertop materials.

Quartz countertops are resistant to acids and most foods and drinks will not cause chemical damage or etching to quartz.

However, many household cleaners and products can create permanent quartz stains.

What happens is the chemical damages the resin component of the quartz countertop. Quartz countertops are made with crushed quartz (a natural mineral) embedded in a synthetic resin that is dyed, etc.

Many chemicals can bleach out or damage this resin creating dull or often chalky white spots of discoloration.

It's basically just like if you spill bleach on a shirt. The color is removed and you can't add it back.

It's the same with quartz countertops. Once the resin is discolored or damaged it generally cannot be repaired.

Dullness is usually from using abrasive cleaners or scrub pads.

In some cases, dullness can be repaired and the surface repolished either by a professional or by using the DIY Granite Polishing Kit.

But there's no guarantee that this can be done. Here's why...

Most quartz countertops are highly resistant to scratching and abrasive products.

But around 20 "brands" of quartz countertops and many other "no-name" quartz countertops are now available. So, the quality of materials and manufacturing can vary a lot.

What may not stain or scratch your neighbor's quartz could stain or scratch your quartz countertop.

What may repair your quartz damage may not work on your neighbor's quartz countertops.

The above Granite Polishing Kit may work to restore the shine on dull spots, but there's no guarantee. However, it will save a bunch over a stone restoration pro and if the DIY kit doesn't repolish your quartz then a pro likely cannot do it either.

But nothing will repair bleached-out or discolored spots from chemical damage to the resin. That is a permanent stain.

Vinegar Etched My Silestone
by: Eddie

Vinegar seems to have corroded my Silestone. How can I repair the etching?

==== Countertop Specialty comment:

Hmmm.... vinegar really shouldn't have any effect on Silestone. Quartz countertops can be discolored by some chemicals but mild acids like vinegar usually do not etch quartz.

But the Granite Polishing Kit will also work on quartz countertops to bring back the shine if you have dull spots or areas.

Note, this will not work for bleached out or discolored areas of Silestone or quartz countertops. That is different than just dullness.

The resin is what gets discolored by some chemicals and this is usually permanent. It can't be polished out.

Worked like a Charm!
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much! I had the exact problem... superglue spill on my new Silestone counter top. The nail polish remover and gentle scraping with the blade worked like a charm. The spill residue totally disappeared, with no damage to the counter top!

Amazingly simple and fast!!

==== Countertop Specialty comment:

Well, that's great!

To remove glue on Silestone you must use only Acetone.

Nail polish remover is made with acetone but has other ingredients as well.

True.... a little acetone, nail polish remover or any other type of solvent can be used on natural stone countertops without any damage, but that is not true of manufactured Silestone.

Some types of solvents can damage or discolor Silestone or any other man-made quartz countertop. Nail polish remover is probably not a problem for Silestone in most cases, but best to stick with pure acetone to remove glue on Silestone.

by: Anonymous

I just spilled super glue on my counter.....what should I do!!!!

==== Countertop Specialty comment:

Soak with just a little pure acetone. Do not use any other type of solvent (some are damaging to Silestone).

Then gently use a razor blade at an angle to shave off the glue. Then clean any remaining residue with acetone.

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Eliminate Finger Prints on Black Silestone

by Shannon


We just purchased black Silestone counter tops and when we touch it or set a pan or plate on it it leaves a mark that you can still see even after wiping. What can we do to prevent this?


This is a common problem with dark and especially black honed granite, which is easily solved by applying a color-enhancing sealer that makes the stone darker so the finger prints are not so noticeable.

Of course, you cannot apply a sealer to Silestone quartz countertops, so it's just a matter of cleaning it. If the fingerprint oils are staining as you may be suggesting ("leaves a mark that you can still see even after wiping") then that could be a problem you'll need to contact Silestone or your fabricator about.

Most likely, it is just a matter of oils from fingers and the pots / pans creating a temporary change in the look of the immediate surface that may be irritating but not damaging or permanent.

Although, you may not be using the best quartz countertop cleaner. A change here may solve the issue.

Try using Granite Countertop & Marble Cleaning spray for a "regular" cleaner. The is a premium-quality countertop cleaner for granite and marble. Excellent for Silestone as well.

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Dullness, glass rings, and spots on Silestone
by: Anonymous

We also have black star lite Silestone. Loved it in the beginning. Gorgeous shine.

Next thing noticed dull spots, a glass ring mark and the dull spots became splotches.

I was told if stained use nail polish remover and gently clean. Sure didn’t work on the glass ring. The only thing I used to clean the counter was dish soap and water.

Can I use the granite polish to bring the shine back and what about the water mark from the glass?

==== Countertop Specialty comment:

No countertop material is perfect so there is always the possibility of some damage and repair needed.

In this case, you can use the Granite Polishing Kit (which uses a special polishing cream and polishing pad drill attachment) the same as you would on granite to restore the shine to dull spots.

Works great on quartz countertops like Silestone, Caesarstone, Cambria and all other brands.

The Topical Granite & Marble Polish you asked about can be used on quartz countertops as well, but this product will only enhance the shine (kind of like waxing your car) but it won't repair any spots, damage, or dullness. You'd still see them.

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