Sealing Tumbled Marble Backsplash

by Vay
(Toronto, Canada)

QUESTION: I just put in a tumbled marble backsplash (whitish color) with a bone colored grout. Do I need to seal it... especially the area behind the faucet? Thanks.

ANSWER: Kitchen backsplashes really don't take too much abuse except for occasional food spatter, so staining isn't generally much of an issue.

But yes, I would seal it and I suggest using these recommended marble & granite sealers.

Sealing the grout is actually more important than the marble, especially behind the sink as you note, to keep it from absorbing water and breaking apart. Usually this is only a potential problem with the grout in the seam between the countertop and tumbled marble backsplash.

If your backsplash is right behind the faucet then plan on sealing that area again in a year or two.... and again, mainly for the grout.

Just remember (as a point of education about sealers), sealing does not prevent "etching" of marble, which is a lighter (in color) chemical mark left from contact with acidic substances like fruit juice, mustard, coffee, alcohol, etc. and not a stain from absorbing a substance.

But on a tumbled marble backsplash, the chance of any noticeable etching is minimal to zero.

I have a 5-year-old tumbled marble backsplash (sealed) in a heavily used kitchen that still looks brand new and should for many years to come.

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Sealant Recommendations
by: Anonymous


Agreed.... Miracle Sealants (511 Impregnator) are good products. We have used and recommended this line as well.

MB-4 Impregnator is another good one.

sealant recommendations for tumbled marble
by: Linda Paul

As a backsplash mural artist I like 511 Impregnator. It's easy to apply does a great job even over other sealers.

Linda Paul
Linda Paul Studios

Grout Sealant
by: Ryan


I generally recommend Stone Tech Pro, but any sealer may slightly darken the color of the marble.

You should test the sealer on some extra/left over tiles and see what you think, but it's really a "must do," so you'll have to accept some possible change in color.

But don't worry, once the sealer is applied over the entire backsplash the difference in color will be so minimal that it will still match your countertop, etc. and won't change the "look" of your design.

After a few days you'll even wonder if it really darkened at all.

Just be sure to closely follow the directions, especially about removing excess sealant BEFORE it dries.

grout sealant
by: vay

thanks for the response. what brand of grout sealant should i use? i'm worried about changing the color of the tiles. thanks

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