Sealing Silestone

Silestone Countertop Surface Damage

Silestone Countertop Surface Damage


I got bleach on my Silestone countertop and it took off the luster in the area that came into contact with the bleach.

The area also seems more susceptible to stains now.

Is there a sealer that can be used to restore the finish?


Sounds like the bleach has damaged the surface finish of the Silestone or possibly affected the binding resin.

Bleach and several other cleaners and chemicals will cause damage to the finish and spots of discoloration.

Often this damage is permanent.

A sealer has nothing to do with the polish. Applying a standard stone sealer won't restore the shine.

Also, Silestone countertops like all other quartz countertops do not need sealing and a sealer should not be applied.

It's possible a permanent topical coating would help, but such coatings have their own problems, maintenance requirements, and are rather expensive to have applied.

I'd call Silestone and see what they recommend. All Silestone is polished at the factory, so they will have the best info on what needs to be done.

The lighter Silestone countertop colors seem to be more susceptible to staining and damage for some reason unknown to me.

You should be able to get it re-polished, but it will take a pro to do it. Consult Silestone first.

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Drip Marks on Newly Installed Silestone Countertops
by: Melissa Sherwood

I have a new house and when my countertops were installed you can see vertical drips on the flat surface so something happened before they were installed.

The company that installed for my builder has not contacted us about fixing the problem.

You can see it when the under counter lights are on. I have the charcoal soapstone matte finish.

Any suggestions on how to remove the cloudy drip marks is appreciated.

==== Countertop Specialty comment:

You are likely correct that something dripped on the surface before installation.

Silestone is very stain-resistant, however, some chemicals can discolor the surface.

Unfortunately, such discolorations (especially if they look like light-colored bleached out areas) are usually permanent.

The chemical has discolored the resin used to bind the quartz into a countertop slab. Once the resin is discolored there is no way to restore that color.

However, you might try using Bar Keeper’s Friend. In some cases, it can work magic on quartz countertop stains and spots.

But test it first as on some quartz it can also cause some dullness. Meaning it could remove a stain but dull the surface a bit. Again it is the resins that are being affected here.

Another option is acetone, but same story... test it first on a small hidden area as it can discolor some quartz countertops. Apply acetone to a cloth first and then rub the drip lines.

Do not let the acetone dwell on the surface. Rub a bit and then immediately wash the area with hot soapy water.

Again, I want to be clear... discolorations in quartz are often permanent. Not all "quartz" is manufactured the same or of the same quality.

Silestone is a well-respected brand and of the highest-quality quartz on the market, but you simply need to test any product or utilize any repair solution carefully.

Silestone best cleaning method for me
by: Anonymous

If it helps I have the white Bianco Calcutta Silestone..... dawn cleans but not fully... 409 better.

Mine had a film almost thin layer of dirt not sure if from use or never being fully cleaned by the prior owner after install.

Counters were new and house was a reno.

Buy the Soft Scrub gel with bleach in the green bottle.

Yes Silestone doesn't recommend bleach but this same company says acetone is ok? Lol...

I followed Caesarstone's recommendation and did sections and rinsed and wiped after with dish soap.

My counter is now truly clean and no loss gloss I can see.

I think in moderation it's fine as long as you get it off and neutralize the pH with dish soap after.

Night and day difference on my Silestone.

Silestone technician made white streaks worse
by: Mike Green

I've been working with quartz for over 18 years now. I'm also a master repair technician in natural stone and quartz.

Quartz is a tricky and greatly misleading product. Your rep probably came out and used soft scrub or something like it to attempt to remove the streaks in your seam.

By doing so he has buffed too hard and removed some of the polish (he made it dull). The only way to fix this is to re-polish the entire counter top.

There is no way to spot polish and blend it in to where you will never tell it has been worked on. There are people out there that claim they can. THEY CAN NOT!

By doing this he has made the problem worse. I'm hoping by now you have had your tops replaced or greatly discounted. If this was a licensed fabricator you have several courses of action you can take.

Colour and sheen changed on scrubbing with Cosentino recommended CIF Cream.
by: Anonymous

We had large swathes of Silestone in colour Marengo (a dark grey) installed in our new kitchen and utility room around 15 months ago.

We've always had problems keeping it looking pristine, no matter how often and how hard we sponge cleaned it with CIF Actifizz (recommended by Cosentino).

Recently we had a couple of stubborn cup ring marks; I called Cosentino and they suggested scrubbing with CIF Cream. I did that and to my horror the colour of the areas scrubbed with the CIF Cream changed to a much lighter shade of grey and furthermore the surface shine in these areas is now significantly dulled.

I called Cosentino once again and they wouldn't come out to take a look unless I paid a £200 call-out charge paid in advance.

When the technician arrived, he told us that our worktops were dirty and the CIF Cream had actually restored the cleaned (and dulled) areas to their factory colour and sheen.

We by no means have allowed these worktops which we've installed extensively in our large kitchen and utility room to become "dirty" in their entirety to the degree that they have uniformly all changed colour to the same degree.

In fact, the colour of the worktops is the same as when they were installed, we cleaned them daily. The small area I scrubbed with CIF Cream seems to have removed some kind of surface layer which was there when there counters were installed resulting in lightning of the original dark grey and loss of sheen.

Cosentino, however, are refusing to accept this. I will continue my battle with them...

Silestone doesn't hold up like Granite
by: Anonymous

I have granite, and I also have Silestone in other areas. My experience is that granite is shinier. I have the brown Silestone in the bathroom, and it's very dull.

If you try to get information on how to bring back the shine, Silestone has no good ideas. They seem worried that you will damage the resin if you do anything to it.

I went into one of the huge Home Improvement stores, where they sell it. They tried to tell me that if it's dull, it's not Silestone.....I was insulted.

I know what was used. Anyway the sales information put out about this product is misleading. If you want shine, buy a very high quality granite because some grades are less shiny due to porosity.

Just restored surface stain
by: CJ

I tried the dish soap and water cure, using a plastic scrubby and it worked! You have to put some muscle into it, but it got rid of some mysterious etching/staining. Yay!

=== CTS comment:

Excellent! Stains in Silestone and quartz can be tricky, but soap & water and scrubbing or a "Magic Eraser" or Bar Keeper's Friend can work in some many cases.

Silestone Shine and Sealing
by: Anonymous

Due to the nature of enginered stone its highly non-porous making sealing a nightmare.

The allure of this countertop material is based on the fact sealing is not required (where granite or marble can be porous with the exception of black granite - and a few other colors).

I have been working in this field many years and if there happens to be a flaw or stain we are told Silestone resolves these issues directly.

Polishing the face of Silestone is very difficult and is a last resort.

Also a big difference is granite has a higher shine then man-made stone so you can't expect the same brillance or luster on a quartz countertop.

Never add any wax or resin-based enhancer to improve shine. They react poorly with the epoxy used to form slabs of Silestone.

Hope this helped.

Silestone Kitchen Countertop
by: Anonymous

I have a Silestone countertop in my kitchen for 13 years now, they never stain, except for some tiny dent, silestone came and fixed it, no stains around the faucets.

I have some sealer on the joints that need fixing, must be wear and tear. Silestone said it is an installation problem, but they will come and fix it. So far I am enjoying my Silestone countertops. Visitors and guests think it is granite, but I tell them it is Silestone and I like it.

Silestone stains
by: Anonymous

I have dark grey Silestone counter tops. They show dirt and streaks quickly. Cups and water will leave a rim. I have found the following works:

1. Soap and water (I don't use abrasives or solvents.)

2. If you have oil or other resistant streaks, I use orange degreaser. They I clean that off with soap and water.

I recommend the soap and water first. You don't want to leave orange degreaser in areas where you have food so that is why I rinse again with soapy water. Use a soft towel and sponge.

If I were going to do it again, I might get granite countertops but so far the biggest concern is that they do stain easily when preparing foods and it is hard to keep them looking clean because of the color.

Silestone technician made white streaks worse
by: Anonymous

Just had a white Silestone counter top installed and after the installers left, we noticed some white streaking in various areas and what appeared to be glue residue on the seam.

I called and asked them to send someone out to look at the streaks and glue residue. It took two phone calls from me but then they sent someone out.

I am not sure what he used, but in his attempt to "buff" out the streaks and glue on the quartz countertop, he took off the shine in those areas.

When you look at the counter top from a distance you can see the dull areas. It makes me very upset. I just phoned the company again to let them know the counter tops now look worse.

They seemed surprised that the shine was removed in the process.

I have to believe I am not the only person that has had streaks and glue left behind after a Silestone install.

They suggested sending him out again but I am thinking of requesting a company rep to come out and see if the countertops are damaged now beyond repair.

Has anyone had a Silestone tech come out that made matters worse. If so, how was it resolved? Thanks!

White Chalky Spots in Silestone
by: Carol

I just had Silestone counters installed in my new kitchen and bathrooms (coffee brown). From day 1 I am saw small white chalky spots which I never saw when I looked at samples in the store. Has anyone had this problem and what did you do about it?

Brand new Silestone with streaks and smudges
by: Anonymous

Just want to add comments about my experience. Just last week installed black Silestone counter tops in my kitchen.

Immediately the surface had an irregular appearance in terms of degree of shine. On their way out the door, the installers said to clean only use mild dish soap and water.

Called them back this morning and someone very knowledgeable came to service. For stubborn gunk, use pure Acetone. For daily cleaning, Soft Scrub applied either with a soft cloth or a PLASTIC scrubbie, the kind found on the backside of a kitchen sponge.

To restore shine, a product called ICE (Instant Color Enhancer). He used all of these on our brand new counters, and they look 100% better.

He apologized for the way the installation crew left them looking. My wife went from being crazed (just installed a few days ago) to now totally loving them. However, the flat black color definitely will show every speck of dust or crumb of food. But they look very cool and high tech.

How was Silestone polished at factory?
by: Anonymous

I have Silestone in a dark brown for my bathroom sinks. I keep it very clean except for water getting on it. The water has dulled the finish, expecially around the faucets. Water is the great solvent for everything.And it has calcium and chlorine in it than can be left on the surface and buildup.

I've been reading all over the internet today to try to find out how to re-polish the surface. The surface was polished in the factory with some type of abrasive but I guess the company wants to act like their product is so stain free and low maintenance that they don't want to let that info out.

I just tried automobile polishing compound on a small area that was the worst, looks better, the water spots are gone. It's not as shiny as new but better. Think about it, it was polished origninally, should be able to be re-polished.

cleaning Silestone with VIM
by: Loso

you can try cleaning silestones and ceasar stones with vim and rub it with a used scotch brite. be sure that the scotch brite is not that rough or it will scratch the material. after cleaning it with vim you can clean it with acetone or alcohol or vinegar . just apply it in a clean dry light-colored cloth and start rubbing it. hope it works.

Water can stain Silestone!
by: Anonymous

I too have what appears to be water stains on my Silestone. The warranty covers nothing and I have found their representatives to care less about customer satisfaction, or trying to help rectify the problem. Their responses are vague and full of corporate babble and they assume no responsibility for their products claims of being non-staining. Water can stain Silestone and they will never assume their product might be at fault.

Silestone Dull Surface
by: Anonymous

I had Silestone installed in my kitchen in 2006. The finish never shined but I lived with the dull surface. I am very disappointed with the rings and other marks that appear on the surface from items being left on the counter. I wipe with a mild dish soap but it takes a lot of work. I also experience the feeling of crumbs laying on the surface and see the yellow marks around the faucet even after being cleaned. This is quite annoying. I use my steamer to get it clean. Does anyone have an idea of how to get rid of the dull finish on Silestone without ruining the effects of the antimicrobial?

Silestone Problems
by: Anonymous

I have stellar night silestone, which is the jet black with silver flecks. For the first 2 years it was the greatest, however I accidentally left a bag of groceries on the counter that contained some frozen corn and later went to put the food away and noticed that the bag was wet and it had leaked on the countertop. Now I have a stain that is in the shape of the wrinkled bag. I was told that silestone does not stain. That is BULLS**T.

by: Anonymous

I came about this page probably like many others. Around the base of my faucet and accessories, there is a dull yellowish ring from the small residual water that occurs after use. Mine also happened to have a chip in it since installation and the seams are starting to really show, neither of which do we know how to repair. Another dissatisfaction about this surface is that it is VERY DIFFICULT to get a smooth surface when wiping up with just a sponge; it always feels like there are crumbs left on the surface even when you can't see them. Don't know how granite is different from Silestone, but I don't think this material justifies the cost.

Mirky silestone
by: Anonymous

I have coffee bean silestone countertops in my kitchen installed about four years ago. My countertops never look clean. They appear to be mirky. Help!! I want them to shine and have tried a lot of products with no success. I am very disappointed in them. I contacted the owner of the store where I purchased them and he offered no help, but admitted there was a problem then in the formula, but has since but worked out. He did say I could put a sealer on them and I did. It worked until I dropped water on the counter and it left another mirky spot.

Silestone stains
by: Anonymous

Silestone says that it does not need to be sealed because it is nonporous, however i would have to disagree.

My almost white silestone countertop in my bathroom stained very easly caused by keeping a simple soap dish on the countertop with nothing in it but a mild handsoap.

It has yellowed the countertop irreversibly like a cheap solid surface.

I have always been very careful in the care and maintainance of the countertop however it stained anyway.

Beware company claims.

Silestone Says....
by: Ryan

I contacted Silestone to get an answer regarding repairing damage and removing stains.

Unfortunately, once a substance gets into the binding resin of the countertop and stains... nothing can be done.

Yes, I know Silestone markets their countertops as "stain proof," but as I've tried to warn people on this site... it is still possible to stain and damage Silestone and every other type of quartz countertop.

It can be very difficult to do and Silestone is still an excellent surface, but the drawback vs. granite is that once damaged nothing can be done.

Granite can always be repaired or restored and stains can be removed. This is one of the reasons why when asked "which is the best" I always answer "granite."

Silestone and quartz countertops are a very very close second though. They have many fans and I have no problem recommending them. You will get great long-term performance and your chance of encountering a problem are truly slim, but if you do... game over.

Contact Silestone
by: Anonymous

As far as I know, not a lot that can be done once Silestone is damaged, but contact silestone on this one.

Silestone Finish Damage
by: LB

I accidently left a bottle of Comet with bleach sitting on my ebony pearl Silestone countertop. Now there are dull "rings" in the finish where the bottle sat. What can I do to repair the finish???

Regards to polishing silestone.
by: Anonymous

When Silestone is manufactured very precise machinery is used to apply equal pressure, water, time, and exposure to polishing. For this reason it is never recommended that the "face" or top of the Silestone is ever polished after the manufacturing process. Deciding to "sign off" on manufactured top polishing may leave you unhappier than where you have started due to the fact that you may end up with areas that are shinier than the rest of the top. However, your Certified Silestone Installers are very skilled individuals who may have a better solution to your issue.

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