Sealing Limestone Countertops


I have limestone counter top slabs in the bathroom.

What do I use to seal and perhaps give the countertop a glossy appearance.


First, you should assess whether you even need to apply a stone sealer at all.

It's a myth that "all" stone needs sealing. Many stones are naturally dense, highly stain-resistant and never need sealing.

Often a limestone counter top will not need sealing, so perform the simple water test for sealing countertops to see if your top can be sealed.

If so, then I'd suggest using one of these Granite Countertop & Marble Cleaning spray, with Senguard being the very best currently available.

For a darker color and some shine use the Color-Enhancing Sealer.

If your limestone countertop is not currently shiny and reflective, then it most likely has a "honed" rather than a "polished" surface.

The surface "finish" is part of the stone and not something applied to it.

A honed finish is popular and very beautiful, but if you want a glossy, polished finish, then you'll have to hire a limestone & marble maintenance professional to re-finish to a polished finish.

There are some topical coatings available that will make it more glossy, BUT topical coatings are not the best for stone.

They are getting better, but can often make the surface look plastic and are less durable than the stone itself requiring additional maintenance.

Thus, if you have a honed surface and simply want a bit more shine, the way to go is to apply the color-enhancing sealer.

This won't make it "glossy" but will give it a bit of a sheen like it is wet. So, get the stone wet.... really let it absorb, which you will do for the "water test" anyway... and this will give you an idea what the color-enhancer sealer will do.

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