Restoring Cultured Marble Bath Vanity

by Joan Comeaux
(Baton Rouge, LA)

Cultured marble vanity restoration

Cultured marble vanity restoration


How can I remove yellowed finish on counter. I think it was refinished with clear polyurethane or other in the past. I tried stripper not much luck and now I'm sanding with palm sander. Very slow work.. Can you help? Thanks so much. the white is where I sanded.


First, cultured marble is not real stone and thus not my area of expertise.

However, a cultured marble countertop is a mold of marble and synthetic chemicals with several coatings, coloring and finally a protective gel coat.

So, the product is not consistent all the way through. You can't just sand or grind away a blemish like you can with stone.

And the yellow may be the original color, or it may be a change that has occurred with age that cannot be corrected.

Now, I do believe that cultured marble can be restored, but you'd have to know how to reapply the top coatings, gel coat, etc.

Usually once that gel coat is damaged repairs are difficult and replacing the countertop becomes much more cost effective than trying to restore it if possible.

So, I suggest contacting a cultured marble manufacturer or installer for advice.

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Manufactured tile
by: Anonymous

I have cultured marble. When I bought it they said it don't need to be sealed. It's in my main bathroom and my grandson seem to miss the toilet a lot. How can I restore it, if possible?

==== Countertop Specialty comment:

I don't believe you can buy "cultured" marble floor tiles. However, there are manufactured or engineered composite marble tiles.

Same basic concept as cultured marble, but "cultured" marble refers to a specific type of composition used for countertops, sinks and showers.

Anyway... if the floor tiles are a manufactured marble tile, then urine can etch those leaving dull spots. Unfortunately, unlike real marble those etch marks cannot be repaired on engineered or manufactured marble.

I honestly don't know why any company created this product. Engineered granite or "quartz" is a great surface, but the marble version has the same etching problem as real marble, but can't be repaired like real marble.

Best you can do is contact the manufacturer to see if there is a solution. It's true these tiles don't require sealing, but sealing only protects agains stains. Etch marks are a different bread of "spot".

Stains are just something stuck inside the marble. Etching is physical damage to the stone or tile.

Bathroom Vanities and Cabinets
by: Anonymous

Thanks for sharing such a useful information.

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