Repair Marble Vanity Top Dullness


How do you restore the luster to a dull countertop?


Dull spots, water-spots, glass-rings, etc. on marble countertops are usually the result of contact with acidic foods or products.

If the whole countetop is dull, then you've been using the wrong cleaning products.

You can't use typical household cleaning products on marble. Marble is sensitive to acidic and/or alkaline products. Contact with these will corrode the marble removing the shiny polished surface layer exposing the more dull raw marble underneath.

If you have spots, then a special compound like ETCH REMOVER / Marble Polishing product will solve the problem for you.

If the whole countertop is dull, the ETCH REMOVER / Marble Polishing product can still work, but it will require more effort depending on the size of the vanity.

Now, if the etching (dullness) is severe from long-term, repeated use of the wrong products and is rough to the touch, you'll probably need to hire a marble restoration professional to re-finish/polish the surface.

The shine on marble does not come about by applying some chemical. It is created by intense friction with diamond abrasives. Mild damage can be rejuvenated using the paste above, but if severe... you'll need a pro.

The paste is cheap of course compared to a pro, so might as well try that first. Easy to use and you'll see right away if you're going to get satisfactory results.

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