Repair Granite Chipping Around Sink


I am renting a house. I have been told that the countertops are granite.

The color is dark/black, with shell-like iridescent marks in it. The shiny finish is wearing off near the sink area.

The edge around the sink is chipping, and wearing away.

My landlord is trying to blame me. I am so careful. I clean it all the time. I use a mild/green orange cleaner only. I do not bang pots and pans on it. I place them in the sink. Nothing I cook with is that heavy, in my opinion, to damage granite.

Can everyday use do this? Is this considered wear and tear for Granite.

Thank-you So much!


Granite is made of many different sized crystals, etc. and when you cut granite into slabs for countertops sometimes those crystals loose their support and can pop loose with use.

Chips and pits are not common, but it is a known granite counter top maintenance issue.

But you describe a dullness around the sink along with the chips. Most granite will not etch (get dull) from acids commonly found in the kitchen or from cleaners.

So, it could be that the stone is not granite, but possibly a softer, acid sensitive stone like limestone. But that is really just FYI...

Either way the repair of the chips will be the same as follows:

Typically chips and pits are repaired by a stone fabricator using an epoxy or resin to fill and color-match your stone as best as possible.

However, I'd recommend using this Granite & Marble Repair Kit for chips and pits and just do-it-yourself.

This granite counter top maintenance product is far easier to use than epoxies. No mixing or color-matching. Uses a clear acrylic that flows into the pit, cures quickly and lets the color and pattern of the granite to show through, so the repair is basically invisible.

The dullness could also be a build-up of soap which can leave a waxy film on the surface that will not come off with regular cleaning.

You'd need to use a specialty stone cleaner like this Soap Scum / Hard Water Remover.

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edge of sink repair?
by: Anonymous

My problem is that my chips are all on the edge of the sink so I don't know how the kits would work. I would think the acrylic would have anything to hold on to.

===== Countertop Specialty comment:

The Pit & Chip Repair Paste is designed for use on vertical surfaces like walls and edges.

The blemish must be deeper than a scratch or gouge though. If the pit or chip is really shallow, then the acrylic will not have enough surface area to bond sufficiently.

But if the pit itself has walls, then it can create a solid bond.

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