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I have multi-colored granite floor tile. When I bought the house, it was all shiny.

Now it has a waxy looking build-up, and I swear there are cracks in the granite tile in certain places.

I have been cleaning with water/vinegar, and with Swiffer WetJet. I am looking for a company to professionally clean, polish, and seal the floor. Please help!


Are you sure the floor is granite and not marble? The reason I ask it that if you were using just vinegar and water, then there shouldn't be any waxy build-up and granite does not etch (corrode and get dull) like marble will upon contact with acids like vinegar.

Now if you've done this for years, then it is possible that the repeated acid exposure (from the vinegar) could etch the granite, which is why you shouldn't be using vinegar or any other common cleaner like bleach or ammonia on natural stone.

Even most brand-name household cleaners are too harsh and will eventually etch and dull stone.

For cleaning granite countertops and floors you should use ONLY products safe for stone. This is doubly true for marble, travertine and limestone.

If it is dull/waxy all over, then it certainly has something to do with how you are cleaning the granite.

If you have used some type of wax,
polish or coating in the past, then it could be the culprit. Waxes and such just create additional maintenance (like getting easily scuffed, dull and yellow) without adding any real benefit.

Waxing marble and floors used to be common a looonngg time ago, but is definitely not the best maintenance method anymore. Really you should not be putting any type of coating on your stone flooring... bad for the stone.

If you think a wax/coating is on the surface, you can use De-Greaser / Wax Remover / Stripper to remove waxes, etc. Excellent for tough jobs cleaning granite countertops and floors.

If dull/waxy only in certain areas, then that is probably due to wear and tear from foot traffic.

However, granite does not wear down easy. You say it was shiny when you bought the house.... how long ago? It would take many years for a granite floor to show traffic wear. Marble will show it sooner since it is a softer stone.

For professional granite cleaning, you'll have to search in your local area. Start with stone warehouses and fabricators. Ask around. Get recommendations. Get references. Have them come take a look and see what they think needs to be done.

And hire someone experienced. Stone restoration and specialized jobs cleaning granite countertops and floors is more of an art than labor, so you don't want a rookie.

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