Marble Polishing & Cleaning Coffee Table

by Kent
(Overland Park, KS.)


I would like to know the method and products used for marble polishing and cleaning a marble coffee table that is charcoal in color.


The first question you need to answer is whether the marble coffee table was originally polished or honed.

I would imagine it was polished, but you'll have to examine the entire surface and decide.

Are there areas that have a shine or is the whole coffee table top universally dull/non-shiny?

If completely dull, it could be honed or just etched all over from using the wrong cleaning products.

If it was once polished and just etched, then I'd use SCP- Marble Polishing Paste to restore the shine.... a cinch to use.

(feels pretty rough) then you may need professional marble cleaning and restoration. Same thing if it was originally honed and you want a shiny polish.

The polish or shine on marble is not achieved by a spray or other chemical. It is created by intense friction using diamond abrasives.

The Marble Polishing Paste can make a honed surface more shiny, but it was really designed for polishing marble surfaces that are/were originally polished.

For marble cleaning: If the top is very soiled, then I recommend using INTENSIVE Concentrated Tile & Grout cleaner which is excellent for removing accumulated surface dirt and grime.

If the marble is stained, You'll find complete step-by-step instructions in the Removing Stains Manual.

For regular cleaning you'll want to use a good cleaner formulated for cleaning marble like Stone PLUS Cleaner.

I think that has covered all the bases. Good luck with your project.


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Marble Coffee Table Polishing Cream

by Jeri
(Lincoln, NE)


My mom has a polished marble coffee table with a couple of "water rings" on it. Where/what brand of marble polishing cream should we try on the marble?

Can it be bought at a local store or ordered online? Want specifics, please. Thanks in advance. Jeri


Jeri, there are many brands of marble polishing cream/powder on the market. Unfortunately, most of these products labeled "marble polish" are just topical dressings made to enhance the shine.

Which is fine, but they won't do a thing for the "water-rings", which are etch marks caused by corrosion from contact with acidic substances. For etching, "water spots", "glass rings" you need a special kind of marble polish.

I recommend using the Etch Remover / Marble Polishing Paste.

This will work for light "water rings" where minimal etching of the marble coffee table has occurred.

If the marble polish doesn't do the trick, you'll need professional help because the etching is too severe. But severe etching is rare and the paste works very well.

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