Pink Marble Colors


I've been searching marble suppliers for a delicate very light pink marble? Does this type of marble exist?


The answer is yes... but you have to remember that marble is a natural product, so the color palette will vary even with the same named type of marble.

So, I could tell you to go get Rosa Aurora or Crystal Pink marble, but it may be different in my stone warehouse than in yours and it may not be what you are wanting.

You simply need to visit stone warehouses and marble suppliers until you find the particular pink marble color you are looking for. Many will have the word "rosa" (Italian for pink) in the name.

You may also find some pink granites, limestones and travertines that may work for you.

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Match Rosalia Pink Marble with Granite Countertops


Hi, could you please let me know which pink granite is the closest to Rosalia pink marble? I have the pink Rosalia marble on the kitchen floor and wanted something similar in colour, but granite for the kitchen top...but cant find anything remotely similar... Kind regards, Angelina


Angelina, given that marble and granite are natural products that do not exhibit strict consistency of color, it's hard to make a recommendation for a particular granite name that will match your type of pink marble.

Even among the same color name of any granite or marble the actual color and pattern can change and vary over time depending on what part of the quarry the slab is extracted from.

So, you see I could suggest that you look for pink granites like Camelia Pink, Indian Sunrise, Muskoka Pink, Pastel Pink, etc., but you still may not find a match to your pink marble because the same color name could have a different look.

Plus, I don't know what your pink marble looks like or how you want to match it. Do you want to match the same shade or just pink? I'd say it will be hard to match the same shade, since Rosalia is typically a light shade.

You just don't find many granites with a light, washed out palette. And it will be near impossible for you to find a pattern that matches.

I'd recommend you try to find a complimentary color and a pattern that doesn't clash. Maybe even consider a blue or purple shade.

Again, I wish I could give you a more concrete answer, but there just isn't one. Of course, you cannot expect to find a granite that looks similar to your marble. Marble and granite just do not look similar, but you can find a color/pattern that will compliment the pink marble.

So, maybe you need to expand your design idea to find something that works and just keep looking.

Good Luck,

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