Onyx Vanity Top White Spots

by Mary Ann


I recently moved into a home with two onyx vanity tops; caramel color with swirls of off white.

I've only been here 3 months and am taking extreme care but I recently noticed solid white marks where there were none before.

These white spots do not have the translucent quality that the other light shades have in the onyx top.

They are solid white...one or two are the size of the palm of my hand, the rest are smaller.

It seems like more and more are happening even though there is no product near the stone and I throughly dry it every time I use the sink.

I had though that maybe it was from water...could it be from hard water?

Could it be from a cleaner that someone used prior to my moving here or would it have stained right away. Any suggestions would be helpful.


What you are describing sounds more like an etch mark than a stain.

Stains occur when something absorbs into the stone. Stains are always darker than the stone color.

Etch marks occur from contact with acidic products, foods, drinks and from harsh cleaners (which are most common cleaners).

Etch marks create dull and light or whitish-colored spots. Etching is chemical damage the destroys some of the stone rather than something absorbing. The onyx needs re-polishing.

To restore etch marks on polished onyx and marble use the Marble Polishing / Etch Remover, which is made just for this purpose.

It is possible to have a stain and etch mark in the same spot. You'll have to remove the stain (although I don't think you have one) first using the technique described in the Removing Granite & Marble Stains ebook.

Also, you need to be sure and use ONLY products safe for cleaning marble/onyx.

And don't store any products directly on the countertop surface. Use decorative trays or put stuff on shelves.

It could be hard water deposits, but these are almost always concentrated around the sink and faucet.

If you do think they are hard water stains, then use this Hard Water / Soap Scum Remover.

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