New Granite Countertop Pits & Sealing


We recently got new granite countertops. It took the men only a few minutes to wipe or "polish" the counter after installation.

When I look or feel the granite all I feel or see is a bunch of cavities that are going to collect food or debris and grow bacteria.

I feel it is almost like you have to use a scrub brush to clean the counter. Like brushing teeth to prevent cavities. If you spill milk and it goes in all those little crevices and sits and ferments, it will stink!

Does a quicky polish really protect? I was thinking a sealer would fill some of those holes.


The polishing is done at the factory on huge machines... not during install. And sealing has nothing to do with it. Sealers work below the surface. They don't fill anything that you can see.

Also, you should not have pits in the surface. True, some granites can develop a few pits as some crystals come loose with use, but new granite should be mirror smooth.

You can fill chips and pits using the Marble & Granite Repair Kit for Chips/Pits. The "gel" is for level surfaces and the "paste" for edges and vertical surfaces.

So, hopefully you haven't made final payment. You should definitely have them tear it out and replace with an acceptable slab.

It may be sticky if you picked out this specific slab, but if you just chose the color from a sample and the fabricator brought this stone, then you definitely have a case.

I'm not saying you did this, but this is the type of experience to be expected from the cheap cheap installers that advertise $25 sq ft granite on yard signs.

Again, maybe not so with you, but would not surprise me at all. The reason they can get the price so cheap (although it's usually just a starting price to hook people) is that they buy crap pieces of stone and slam them in as quick as possible with zero customer service.

If there is a problem, look out.

FYI... you can easily tell if any stone is sealed and/or needs sealing by performing the water test.

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