New Black Galaxy Granite...Nitpicky Concerns?


We had Black Galaxy granite countertops with an ogee edge installed this week. And while the overall look is glamorous, I've been disappointed to find some minor flaws:

(1) The surface 'shine' looks, I dunno, mottled maybe (the installer says that they seal all granite installations, so ours was 'sealed').

(2) The ogee edge is a bit dull - not as 'polished' or shiny as the tops, and...

(3) I have found an itty bitty scratch and a couple of etched spots - including a really rough patch in an ostensibile portion of the eating counter.

Am I expecting too much or were mistakes made? Can any of these be corrected?

Can I apply a mineral oil to restore/create luster to ogee edges (and/or other areas)?

(Also, tho I take responsibility for the miscommunication that resulted in the erroneous placement of the individual soap and lotion dispensers, I wonder if there is any recourse? Can one of these holes be aesthetically plugged??).

Happy to have found your site...


Maybe you're being a bit nit-picky on one or two things, but a couple others you mentioned sound like significant problems.

Mottled Surface: This could be because a sealer was applied and not removed effectively. Black galaxy is very dense... essentially stain-proof and does not need sealing. The installer should know this, but unfortunately many don't.

No real excuse because all you have to do is perform a simple test to determine if sealing granite countertops is appropriate.

So, often when people apply a granite sealer to black galaxy all that happens is the sealer dries on the surface leaving a dull haze or other weird looking residue.

Try using acetone or methylene chloride (stronger) with a soft scrub brush on a small mottled area and see if you can remove the mottling. If so, sealer was improperly applied and the rest of the countertop will need stripping.

Edge Shine: It can be difficult to polish a complex edge design like ogee to as glossy a shine as the flat
countertop surface.

The original slab was polished on a big specialized machine. The edge was polished by the fabricator using a different process, so there can be some difference in appearance.

However, black galaxy polishes to a real nice shine, so there shouldn't be a horribly noticeable difference. If it's truly obvious, then they may (but may not) be able to improve it some by additional polishing by hand.

Don't use mineral oil. It will just attract dirt. Use Topical Polish/Shine Enhancer, which is made to enhance the shine on stone and actually improves "cleanability."

Itty bitty scratch... I'd forget about it. Installing a granite countertop can be tricky. Very heavy, difficult to move, use of sharp tools, etc. So, rarely is an installation absolutely flawless perfect.

A visually obvious scratch... okay... have them polish the area or you can fill it (if deep enough to fill and adhere) with the Granite & Marble Repair Kit for chips and pits, but "itty bitty"... doesn't sound like it's worth complaining about. Unlike some of these other issues.

Etch Spots/Rough Patch: Is it actually rough to the touch or does it just look rough, dull or unpolished?

Black galaxy does not etch, so a dull spot that looks like etching is most likely the sealer again. Some granite sealers can etch especially if they have dried on the surface rather than absorbing into the pores as they should.

However, if the spot truly feels rough then somehow that area was not polished as well as the rest of the surface, which would be odd.

My bet is the granite sealer or some other residue on the surface.

Again, strip the area with acetone or methylene chloride and see if the rough etch spot disappears.

Plugging Holes: Yes, it can be done, but it won't look good. A plug has to be glued in, so you'll see the glue seam around the plug.

Usually it looks better to just put something in it... like a plumbing vent or soap dispenser even if it isn't functional.

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Thank you !
by: Anonymous

This site is so helpful! I just had black galaxy granite countertops installed in my kitchen and I had many of the same issues as others.

But after reading this info, my questions and concerns have been answered.

And I now feel confident I got a good product and it was installed well.

==== Countertop Specialty comment:

That's great to hear and thanks for the compliment. Our goal is to provide as much useful information as possible. Love to get feedback from our visitors and it makes us very happy that you found the article so helpful.

by: Anonymous

The seam in my black granite countertop seems to be more noticeable. Is there some way to remedy this problem?

=== Countertop Specialty comment:

Seams in granite countertops will never be fully invisible. The trick is to choose a color that best matches the color / pattern of the granite.

Black granite would seem to be the easiest and since you probably already have a black glue in the seam there may not be much you can do to improve the situation.

You may consider hiring a stone pro to remove part of the glue and refil the seam with a more closely-matched color. Or even a black magic marker may do the trick.

Regarding Black Granite Galaxy Monument
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your comment! It is helpful. No, we didn't get the opportunity to inspect the monument beforehand.

The line is in the middle of the stone. It starts out bigger, gets smaller, and fades away. Now that I know where the line is I can always see it when I look at it. I just feel like the company should fix it or I shouldn't be paying the full price.

I think I should do more investigation on it before talking to them again. I'm not an expert on stone, but I believe that an expert should know exactly what's a perfect stone or not.

In my mind, I couldn't believe that the expert company, builders, didn't notice the defect and/or mistake.

This was the last task my late mother assigned for me to do. I'm disappointed and unable to sleep over this mess. Honestly, I feel like a failure now because it's not what I expected.

==== Countertop Specialty comment:

It may be helpful to consider that granite is a product of nature. The line as you describe it sounds like a natural part of the granite. In this sense, it is not a "defect".

With man-made products, you can eliminate any inconsistencies that may be viewed as a blemish. However, with natural stone, that is what you get. It's the unpredictable patterns and sometimes the anomalies that make it unique.

The monument makers may feel the line is perfectly normal and/or very common. It may be rare for such monuments to be without similar marks that may not be desirable.

But if that is the case, then it should certainly be disclosed that the surface may have some "imperfections". If it could simply be fixed or removed I'm sure the fabricator would have done so.

The line is likely some type of fissure that runs through the entire block of granite.

You may consider having a local granite fabricator inspect the monument to see if anything can be done. And see if you can determine if it is common or not for similar monuments to have such features. Ask the company why this wasn't disclosed.

Of course, it was unexpected and this was expensive and important to you so naturally, you are disappointed. But that doesn't make you a failure. Life is not perfect.

I wish you well and encourage you to give yourself a break. I'm sure the monument is still beautiful and your mother is proud of you. Cheers!

Black Galaxy Granite Monument
by: Anonymous

I bought a black granite galaxy monument for my mother. After the company installed it, about a month later, I discovered a weird line on the stone.

I questioned them about it, and they told me the line was naturally formed on the stone. They said that there was nothing they could do about it.

I was devastated because I paid over $8,000 for it. This monument meant everything for my mother. Does anyone know the answer? Please help!

==== Countertop Specialty comment:

If the line is straight, then it may be a seam where two pieces of granite were glued together.

If the line wanders or is otherwise irregular, then it could be naturally occurring, although, black galaxy granite rarely has any veins or fissures.

Or it could be a repaired crack.

I guess the real issue is how noticeable it is. If noticed only on close inspection, then perhaps it does not diminish the value or detract from the beauty. But that is a subjective opinion.

However, if very obvious, then I'd agree an objection is warranted since no one would expect a large obvious line on such an expensive piece... unless you inspected and approved this exact monument prior to installation.

Lines in Black Galaxy
by: Bait-and-switch Customer

We bought a slab of Black Galaxy in a dimly lit warehouse. When the installer installed the granite, he saw lines in the granite. We looked on the internet and found that they may have done a Bait-and-switch. If we saw lines in the granite, we would have never bought it. We paid $3000 for the slab to be cut and installed. Do you think that we were done wrong?

==== Admin Comment:

Well this depends on what you mean by "lines". Are they cracks or scratches or do they look like part of the stone?

While it does sometimes occur where a different slab was installed than the one picked out, usually this type of situation is one where the customer chose a "color" to install from a sample and then ended up with a crummy slab or poor-looking granite countertop.

If the lines are only now visible in kitchen lighting then likely they were present and just unnoticed in the dark warehouse.

But if they are REALLY obvious, then maybe you were done wrong. It's unfortunate if the lines look bad, but based on your information it's impossible to say exactly what happened.

Black Galaxy Granite Slab Size
by: Anonymous

Yes a Black Galaxy granite slab does come larger than 10ft. We just purchased ours and it measures 135 inches x 75 inches. Therefore, we will not have any seam in any of our 3 kitchen counters. You really have to look around for this, we made 12 different slab warehouses to find it.

Black Galaxy

I just had black galaxy countertops installed. I am disappointed that I could not get a 10 feet single piece. I do not like the seam!! The stone yard owner said that it does not come in 10 feet lengths. Is that true?

I asked the Home Depot salesperson and he said it does!!! The only problem with Home Depot is that the price for Black Galaxy is ridiculous.

I had to purchase a piece of granite that fits an island because I have a bump out in the sink area. I am so happy to say that I am rather satisfied with my countertop.

My granite countertop edge is not as thick as that sold at Home Depot but I saved over $3000.00 by shopping around at a stone yard. Is thickness really such a big deal?

====== ADMIN COMMENT: The problem with Home Depot stone department is that they usually don't know anything about stone. No you cannot get a 10 foot piece of black galaxy or any stone for that matter. There are limits to the size of any slab and 10 feet is well beyond the limits. Obviously no one want seams in their granite countertop, but there are reasons why they must exist.

Rough Patch
by: Nate

If the rough patch is raised it is most likely some excess epoxy etc. that is stuck to the surface.
If it is, it can be easily removed with a straight razor blade.

by: Anonymous

Hi with star galaxy/black galaxy you will never quite get the same polish shine on the edges as the surface is polished overseas with special big polishing pads, (you cant really polish the surface if you get a scratch) because you will more than likely lft with a dull spot if you get down to eye level and look at the top, i would reccomend getting some "ager" which inproves the colour on polished edges and can hide scratches.

Good luck

Thank you!
by: Kate

Thanks Ryan.

I'm putting the wee scratches in perspective, but I'll be talking wth the installer - and I'll be giving him a copy of your post to spare future black galaxy clients from an unnecesary sealer fate (yeah, that rough patch can be felt by touch), and with hopes that he will polish the ogee edge a bit more.

Thanks again...

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