Nail Polish Remover On White Marble


How do I remove nail polish remover? Marble is white.


Nail polish remover is usually acetone (which does not damage or stain marble) and some other products, which can damage marble.... usually by etching.

So, I'm assuming that the nail polish remover etched the marble unless there is some type of nail polish remover product that contains a colored dye that could stain.

Etch marks and stains are not the same thing although etch marks can often look like clear stains or ghost stains.

Etching is physical damage to the marble that destroys the shiny polish and leaves a dull sometimes lighter colored spot.

To remove etch marks on polished marble you'll need to use ETCH REMOVER / Marble Polishing product.

If indeed you have a true stain (a darker colored spot) then follow the instructions provided in the Removing Marble Stains Manual.

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