Liquid VIM Bathroom Cleaner Marble Stain


The day after our new marble countertop was installed I washed the sink with liquid Vim bathroom cleaner.

I then used the same rag to dry the countertop around the sink and faucet.

In the afternoon I noticed that the marble countertop around the sink had turned a light gray color.

How do I get rid of the discolored Vim stain?


Vim bathroom cleaner is too harsh for cleaning marble and will damage marble countertops and floors.

Here's what happened... the Vim cleaner corroded or "etched" your marble destroying the surface layer creating a dull spot that looks chalky or lighter in color.

Technically, this type of spot is not considered a "stain" per se. Yes, it's a spot on your countertop, so what's the difference?

It is more like a burn from the chemicals in the Vim cleaner. The different types of marble stains have different solutions.

Here's how to repair Vim cleaner spots on marble...

If the countertop surface is polished (that is reflective, shiny) you can use the ETCH REMOVER / Marble Polishing product to restore the color and shine.

If a matte or honed finish... use the Marble Polishing Pads - Drill kit.

Actually, these polishing pads can remove etch marks and scratches and restore the finish on either a honed or polished marble.

The Etch Remover product suggested above is the more traditional method is all. Both are easy to use.

If severe etching damage (rough to the touch) ever occurs though, your only option may be to call a marble maintenance professional.

You can try the above solutions with severe damage and they may work, but when the marble is rough or raw a more involved procedure is often required.

FYI... many popular cleaners (generics and brands) like Lysol cleaners, limescale cleaners, vinegar, and bleach will cause similar damage to marble tile and countertops.

That's why you should use only products safe for cleaning marble.

Learn more about all the different marble repair remedies for various problems.

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Stain Removal from quartz countertop
by: Anonymous

You can put a little bit of Soft Scrub (no bleach formula) on it dry and stain comes right out.

Natural cleaners
by: Anonymous

I am very sensitive to chemicals in cleaners. I only want to use natural products like Thieves (Young Living) or vinegar and baking soda or lemons. What countertop material would be best for me besides laminates?

==== Countertop Specialty comment:

Granite is the least sensitive to chemicals and cleaners like vinegar that can damage marble and other surfaces.

It is still best to avoid using cleaners that are too acidic (like vinegar and lemons) because repeated use over time can sometimes dull granite as well.

Quartz countertops are an option as well, however, you still need to use caution as quartz can be discolored (often permanently) by some cleaners and chemicals.

In your case, I'd recommend installing granite countertops and clean using a very dilute vinegar or hydrogen peroxide solution. Using hot water for daily messes would be best and then sparingly a dilute vinegar solution for more thorough cleaning.

Be sure to perform the Lemon Juice Test the exact slab of granite you intend to purchase to be sure it is not reactive to acids.

Granite is typically not immediately reactive with acids, but some black granite can be doctored and not every stone sold as granite is true granite so you just want to test a piece of the exact slab to rule out any bad slabs.

Again, still need to go easy on regular cleaning with acidic substances, but granite is your best bet for overall ease of maintenance and durability.

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