Hot Pans on Marble Kitchen Countertop


Can you set hot pots and pans on a marble kitchen countertop without hurting it? Also using the lemon juice test on a sample anything else i can use besides lemon juice? I dont have any and want to test my marble. Thanks


Yes and no on the hot pans. You can usually put hot pans on marble without severe damage, however it can discolor and ALL stone and stone products like quartz can experience "thermal shock" from extreme temperature potentially causing cracks.

Doesn't happen often, but possible. Another consideration with marble countertops in this regard is that it is much softer than granite and more prone to scratching if you are setting and sliding pots and pans around.

So, even though you are unlikely to experience any problem, you should still use trivets, hot pads to avoid scratching and marble repair.

Regarding the Lemon Juice test... really anything acidic will do it like tomato juice, orange, vinegar, wine, etc.

But if you know you have marble, no need to test it... it will etch. The only real exceptions are some green marbles.

If you're not sure the type of stone, then yes it's helpful to test it. If it's marble though, it will leave a dull spot.

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Marble dining table and hot dinner plates

by Gail
(Quebec, Canada)


We recently purchased a new marble kitchen table and are using material placemats. Can a hot dinner plate damage the table if the cloth placemate is under it?


It could be possible that staining could occur on the marble dining table when the heat and any condensation or moisture in the place mats could accelerate a transfer of colored dyes in the place mat.

You see this more often with natural weave, wicker, etc.

I'd need more details about exactly what you are seeing to give a more specific answer.

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Marble Countertop Hot Pan Ring


Hello, I accidently put a very hot pan on my marble kitchen countertop and it left a ring of a lighter color. It looks like the pan created of crystallization of the stone.
I 'm not very hopeful but would you have a miraculous remedy to make the process reversible and fix that drama? thanks a lot! Julie


A marble countertop is not the most heat resistant surface and it is not recommended to put a hot pan directly onto the marble countertop since discoloration and other issues like scratching and etching can occur.

Most likely you will need to hire a marble maintenance pro to resurface the area.

You can try using a good Marble Polish / Etch Remover like we recommend. This may (not stating that it will) solve the problem and is far cheaper than a pro, so worth a try.

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Hot Pot on Kitchen Marble Countertop


Can i put a very hot pot on a piece of marble ... will the marble burn or give off fumes?


Placing a hot pot on a marble countertop will not give off fumes and it will not burn per se, but it can sometimes discolor the area. Also, the sudden temperature change can produce "thermal shock", which could crack the surface although this is rare.

The most likely damage to occur from placing hot pots on marble is a scratch.

Marble is much softer than granite and will scratch from everyday use, which is one reason (etching is the other) why marble is not recommended for use as a kitchen countertop.

Even though such damage is not a high risk, why risk any damage? It's smart and easy to simply use a trivet to set hot pots on.

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Hot Pan On Marble

by Cherie
(Ventura, CS)


Can a hot pan be put on a limestone or marble kitchen countertop?


Marble and limestone are fairly heat resistant, but not as good as granite, so it is possible to get some color change or slight burn damage. Also, extreme heat can cause thermal shock to any surface and may crack it.

You should not put a pan directly on marble (or limestone or really any surface except granite) though since it is softer and more prone to scratching. Also, you may have oil or some acidic substance on the pan that stains or etches the marble. Always use a trivet.

Why are you asking? If you are thinking of putting marble in the kitchen, I would not recommend it unless you are fine with it getting etched and scratched as it inevitably will.

If you are a serious baker, then okay... a marble countertop will stay very cool and is great for rolling dough, etc.... otherwise don't do it. Same with limestone.

Hope that helps,

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Gray spot that appeared on my white marble
by: Anonymous


I just noticed a gray spot on my white marble today. it's about 1/4 of an inch around, and is rather dark gray. However it looks like the grays that I normally see in marble, just not on my particular piece of stone.

I placed my laptop on the countertop for a few minutes and it sometimes gets hot. Could that have been what brought this gray spot out?

The rest of the top is white with light gold veining running through the gray really stands out.

Thank you for any help or advice!

==== Our comment:

Marble and all natural stone can have inconsistent patterns and colors. Meaning you may see single spots of color or pattern changes not present anywhere else on the countertop or slab.

So, the gray spot could be just that... a naturally occurring, solitary gray spot. And it is not at all uncommon to notice nuances in the stone color/pattern over time as you become more familiar with the surface. You see things you never saw before.

Or it could be a stain. Maybe a drop of oil. The only way to know for sure is to treat it as a stain and try to remove it.

Follow the in the Removing Stains e-book found under the "How To" tab at the top of the page.

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Hot Pans on Carrara Marble


I am wondering if I can place HOT pans on Carrara marble? A pot of boiling water, or a glass pan right out of the oven?

Can Carrara marble stand the heat?

Also, what is your favorite marble product for cleaning a Carrara marble kitchen counter... we have it on our center island and surrounding countertops.... Thanks so much!


Yes, Carrara marble can take hot pans on the surface, but it is not recommended because marble is much softer than granite and could scratch if something gets caught under the pan.

Also, suddenly placing a hot pan on Carrara marble, granite, concrete, Silestone quartz or any non-steal surface can produce thermal shock causing a crack.

Again, this is true for stone, man-made and aggregate surfaces. It is fairly rare... rare enough that it's not much of a concern like staining or etching, but what a bummer if it happens to you especially when simply using a trivet prevents thermal shock and scratching.

Regarding my favorite product for a marble kitchen counter...

It's ETCH REMOVER / Marble Polishing product. This paste is excellent for removing the etch marks that inevitably occur with polished marble kitchen countertops.

Marble in the kitchen is a bit tricky because of the etching issue, but if you do have marble in the kitchen then this product is a must have.

For general cleaning I recommend Granite & Marble Cleaning spray.

It is formulated specifically for stone and is safe for marble maintenance and all stone surfaces. It cleans very effectively with a streak-free shine. Also, it can be used on stainless steel, mirrors and many other surfaces.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you so very much
by: Anonymous

I appreciate the immediate response to my question!

I am going to make sure that myself and my family protects the beautiful 2" marble that is all over our kitchen... using trivets will make a difference and now I feel great knowing the best materials out there to keep everything clean...

Thanks again,

Carla Ondrasik

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