Gas Cap Stain On Venetian Gold Granite


I have venetian gold granite countertops. My husband laid a gas tank top from a lawn mower on the counter in two areas.

It took the shine away from the granite.

It did not discolor it but if you look at the kitchen countertop from a sideways view you can see two dull circles.

Will a sealant add the shine back? If not is there anything I can do?


Ooooops! Is he out of the dog house yet? I must say, this is a first. I've never had a question about cleaning a granite countertop gasoline stain.

Anyway, a sealer will not add the shine. The only thing a sealer does is dramatically slow down the rate of absorption to help resist staining to make cleaning granite countertops even easier.

Have you previously applied a granite sealer?

If not, you need to... after you solve this problem.

Venetian Gold granite is fairly absorbent and in almost every case should be well-sealed.

I recommend one of these marble & granite sealers.

You say there is no discoloration just dullness. This should not be a matter of etching and usually a stain will make the area at least a little darker.

I'm betting that the gasoline and/or oil in the gas absorbed and you should treat it as a stain.

For cleaning granite countertop stains you'll need to follow a multi-step procedure. You'll find complete step-by-step instructions in the Removing Stains e-book

The dullness is a bit puzzling, but most likely will be restored after the stain is removed.

If the procedures in the e-book do not work, then you have something other than a "stain" and you'll need the help of a professional possibly to re-polish the area if indeed the gas damaged or etched the surface.

Now that I think about it... there is one other possibility... the gas etched the sealer and/or the resin that is on your granite.

If this is the case, then you'll need to remove the sealer/resin in that area using methylene chloride (powerful stripper/solvent).

Here's what I'd do:

1. Buy methylene chloride. Pour a puddle of the MC on the spots and let sit for a few minutes. Agitate with a scrubber and wipe clean.

If you get shiny granite, then it was the sealer/resin that etched. Those spots should be re-sealed.

2. If the methylene doesn't work, treat it as a stain and follow the steps in the manual.

3. Still no good, call a pro.

About sealing... As I said, this granite will usually need to be sealed, unless it is resined. If it is resined, then it should already be fairly stain-resistant.

I suggest you perform a water test to determine if it needs sealing.

That's a lot of info, so get started cleaning the granite countertops and trying to solve this problem. Use the "comments" link below to follow up or ask more question.

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Glad It Worked
by: Ryan

Glad to hear you got a positive result.

The acetone in finger nail polish remover is what did the trick. Seems you know your solvents!

And acetone is commonly used to clean granite and marble. It's neutral and won't damage.

I commonly recommend doing exactly what you did... start with acetone when a sealer or something else you want removed was recently applied, but if it's cured for a while, usually you need the methylene chloride.

It turned out fine, but next time I recommend you use straight acetone and not finger nail polish remover. Often the nail polish remover has additional ingredients that can damage some stones.

Tried your recommendation
by: Linda

I decided to try a milder stripper first before I went with the big guns. I tried finger nail polish remover and let it set a minute or so. Then I took the rough side of a kitchen scrubber and rubbed a few seconds. I washed and dried the granite and ta da my shine is back and husband is out of dog house! I did water test on the other granite and it is fine. I will seal this area.

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