Dull Marble Coffee Table

by Robert
(Jasper, GA)


How can I polish the marble top coffee table and get the shine back as it was when new?


Well, if the entire marble coffee table is dull, then it was probably cleaned with an alkaline chemical that etched and dulled the polish.

You may have some luck using a marble polish like ETCH REMOVER / Marble polishing paste.

However, if the marble is really old and the polish is worn away from use or if the etching is severe, then you may need to have a professional re-polish the surface.

The shiny polish is not the result of some topical coating. To get a polish on stone requires physical abrasion and friction. The marble polish is designed to do this for mild dullness. But again... if too far gone a pro is required.

granite countertop cleanerGood Luck,

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Dull Worn Marble Floor Tile


my marble floor tile has lost shine in area around the dining table could the rollers on chairs be causing this?


Yes, a polished (shiny) marble floor will readily show wear as the shiny layer is very thin. Over time foot traffic and furniture will create wear patterns.

Polished marble floor tile requires far more maintenance than honed marble floor tile mostly for the above reason. To keep it shiny you need to periodically have the floor re-polished by a marble maintenance professional.

Hotels and commercial buildings employ full-time staff to maintain floors, etc., but for a homeowner a polished marble floor can be frustrating because they show dust and dirt and wear so much more than a honed floor and it can be a pain to deal with.

Dull and light-colored spots can also be caused by chemical erosion from contact with acidic foods, drinks and too harsh cleaning products (which is most common household products).... it's called "etching".

If the dull and worn areas still feel smooth and are relatively small, then you can use the Marble Polish / Etch Remover to bring back the shine.

I suggest trying the paste first, but if this is occurring over a large area and/or the stone feels a bit rough, then a marble cleaning / restoration pro is your only option.

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Dull Marble Kitchen Countertop Mark

by Roberta Dixon
(Rives Junction, MI, USA)


We have a marble counter top. It's 12 inch tiles and we did seal it. I'm not sure what got on it, but it has made a dull mark on one of the tiles. It is polished marble. Is there anything that we can do to fix this??


Roberta, what you are describing sounds like "etching," which can occur with marble when contacted by an acidic food, drink or product.

Harsh cleaning products (like most of the common household cleaners you buy at the store) can also cause etching.

Etching is a form of corrosion. When an acidic substance gets on the marble countertops it eats into the marble essentially destroying or removing the thin surface layer.

This is most noticeable on a polished finish because the polish is removed revealing the dull raw marble underneath.

It has nothing to do with sealing. Sealing helps prevent staining... something absorbing into the pores of the marble.

Etching is a completely different issue.

The good news is most etch marks can be easily repaired using the Etch Remover / Marble Polishing Paste recommended above, which is specially formulated to fix this exact problem.

Very easy to use... just rub on the area with a clean cloth and it will restore the color and shine.

In the future, be sure to always use coaster, trivets, place mats, etc. to protect your marble from acids and other harsh compounds.

Of course, you should use ONLY products safe for cleaning marble.

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