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Is Danby marble from Vermont better for a kitchen countertop than white carrara as far as durability, stain resistance etc?

I have heard that it is more dense than some low density granites. Also, why is it better to hone counters in the kitchen rather than polished. Is it because you dont see etching as much? You also say that as marble ages, it becomes less stain resistant. But what if you keep it sealed regularly?

Any info or help would be greatly appreciated, because I love the look of marble, but am constantly being discouraged by everyone.


Marble is marble. Being a natural product you'll get variations in characteristics, but all marble (except some green marbles) has the same issues and requires essentially the same marble maintenance.

The reason marble is NOT recommended for the kitchen is because of etching... not staining. Contrary to popular belief and bogus info you find online... marble is often more dense than granite, NOT very porous and does not stain easily especially when polished.

But even when honed or tumbled, staining is easily controlled with an impregnating sealer.

Etching is the reason marble is not recommended in the kitchen. The only way to prevent etching is to prevent contact with acidic foods... impossible in
a kitchen.

So for those that insist on marble in the kitchen, we recommend you hone it so the etch marks are not as visible... as you noted.

Now etch marks on polished marble can be removed in most cases using ETCH REMOVER / Marble Polishing Paste, but it will be a constant battle.

Can't use the paste on honed surface.... you have to sand and/or re-finish to remove etch marks.

And I have never stated that "as marble ages, it becomes less stain resistant." Not true.

What I have said is some install marble and let it "age" naturally... meaning not fussing over etch marks and any stains... and just letting the marble develop a patina from normal use.

This is a European sensibility. In the US, we want all our stuff to look brand new always. If that is you, then marble is a bad choice for the kitchen. You can control and repair, but it'll require near constant ongoing marble maintenance.

Granite just makes a much better choice in the kitchen... especially if you get a darker variety that doesn't need sealing. You'll have virtually zero maintenance concerns.

I know the white marbles, Carrara, etc. are gorgeous. I have it in a bathroom, which is where I recommend you put it.

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