Comparing Quartz Countertops to Marble Bathroom Countertops


Hi, Will soap, toothpaste and mouthwash stain or etch a marble bathroom countertops? I am trying to decide whether to use quartz countertops or honed marble counter tops.


Yes, mouthwash, some toothpastes and some soaps may etch marble countertops. Typically marble bathroom countertops do not pose a marble cleaning issue like marble kitchen countertops do.

Although, some bath/personal products will etch, practically speaking it's fairly easy to avoid by storing items on a decorative tray, a shelf or cabinet rather than right on the surface.

And if you do get an etch mark, it is easy to repair on polished marble countertops (most bath vanities are polished) using the ETCH REMOVER / Marble Polishing Paste.

If the bathroom will be used by kids, then you may want to go with the quartz countertops since you won't have any etching issues.

Quartz countertops are certainly a fine surface, but most do not consider it as elegant as marble and marble is certainly a classic bathroom stone.

So, if you would rather have marble, I wouldn't let the etching issue deter you for a marble bathroom countertop. Kitchen or wet bar is a completely different issue though.

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Identify quartz vs granite
by: Anonymous

How can I visually identify quartz vs granite?

==== Countertop Specialty comment:

That's getting trickier as patterns for quartz get better. But the easiest way is to look at the uniformity of the pattern.

A few granites will have a very uniform pattern, but most will have some irregularity or anomalies in the pattern and colors.

Quartz countertops will have a more or less consistent pattern over the entire surface.

Now, the patterns are more complex these days and some won't look "repetitive" but if you study it, you'll note a consistency. There won't be some odd spot with a different pattern that isn't seen anywhere else.

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